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  1. Talk about a recruiting class !! Yates ,Dong, Garnett ,with Diaz and Bruce and Marone already there -I can't figure out their 133 - -should be better than what he is ....a lot better .
  2. Yeah, I've worked with Dresser a bit and he's one of the nicest guys and a great coach as well, so I'm not surprised that he responded to you. Plus, he's a new coach, so he wants to get as many fans as possible I'm sure.
  3. Kerr didn't say ''uncoachable'' he said really difficult to coach -which is pretty much the same thing -I am surprised at the # of coaches who respond to e-mails -I explain that I am on disability until My shoulder ,and soon ,Knee heal and that I am an ex wrestler and coach and that Fantasy wrestling is important to me -Drecker from vaTech and the hofstra coach both e-mailed me back-i was like in 10th place cause my whole fantasy team redshirted or changed weights or were hurt so I see the CAA duals and e-mail him and traded for a boatload of CAA guys that week and scored 3x the competition ,from then on it was trade city as i have nothing to do but compare schedules and wrestlers -traded for Barnes and he had 4 matches -am now in 4th place .
    A lot of these coaches are as down to Earth as anyone you know -I wrestled for Doug Blubaugh and he said basketball coaches kept secrets -wrestling coaches would get down on the floor at seeding meetings and show each other new variations .
  4. Yeah, all the Halsey's are that way. Whenever I wrestled his brother (3 times my senior year) I would always avoid upper body, because I knew I was done if he got something locked up.

    That's pretty neat/surprising that Kerr emailed you and told you that one of his kids was uncoachable.
  5. Yea -about Halsey -I thought he had the reversal but IF I know I locked hands and the ref has caught me -that mf I am wrestling is going nowhere !! Chriswell is an excellent technician and supposedly a great thrower -see the Herbst match-but he was afraid to really go upstairs with Halsey -there is probably a reason halsey flunked off -when i traded for him I e-mailed Kerr and he said the kid was great but uncoachable -that's why his brother was in the corner -I didn't draft him for his SAT scores , I got him because he is the only person big enough to move Varner's huge ass around .
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