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    I dam near cried last year when they red shirted him -him,Graf , cocozo quit ,Litton redshirted -Coughlin got beat out -1/2 my starting 10-did you read his pedigree ? I'll go change the board now. russ
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    Mangrum is nearly as good 4x national high school champion and has a great schedule ahead of him and he is in the waiver bin .
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    John ,
    I don't know if you have worked this out yet as I just came over to clean up the waivers and roster -but TheRick has owned Filip since the draft -Tell me or Gold who else you want , if anyone , and I'll change it . Or you can keep whomever you dropped .Russ
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    That was not that promising -unsure of the date but he only has 85% Range of Motion back and the DR.s won't OK you to lift or do anything until you have full ROM.He was in the room but just going through drills -nothing live -I looked up the exact diagnosis and the post op rehab is 6-12 months -for a wrestler that is 3 months before one live drill .Web MD has a lot of stuff and just google PECTORALIS Tears and Surgery and you'll find out a bunch of stuff . I wish him all the best as he is one of my favorite hwts.. That Russo kid I told you about and drafted for ACCBOY has pinned everyone he has wrestled -well,as of last week-top guys too-like 12-0 with 12 falls-only weighs 220 tops .
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    I was afraid to click on that site you posted as TWT is eating computers -or something -I have a 'loaner'' comp until mine is repaired and have NO problems anywhere but this site -when I get the nerve up I'll open that up-until then if you go to youtube and type in Chest surgeries you'll find one where they are reconnecting the Pec -R rated for grossness -while you are on youtube look up shoulder replacements -SCAREY-I had a nerve block and anestetia -sp- and still cried when I woke up.russ
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    Jerome ????
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    Torn pec is not as bad ,IMO-there are 2 pecs -Pectoral major and minor -which did he tear ?The pec attaches to the clavicle which is one of the more fragile bones in the body -did he crack the clavicle as well ? doesn't really matter as they had to break it to repair the Pectoral muscle then regraft the muscle to the bone .
    i was also a physical education minor in college and they made us take Functional Human Anatomy -a flunk out class for DR.s . I loved it -got to play with cadavers and all kinds of neat stuff .Russ
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    I like Erekson but i'd shoot for a med RS-a torn Bicep is no joke and takes forever to heal-a lot of scar tissue and the Muscle atrophy's badly .
    I wish him well but I hate Berlow . I loved the ass whipping Minny took the other night -the Shlatter /165 era is over before it started -Minny is selling t-shirts that read that .
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    all right -first time I've laughed in a while -we'll keep it a secret .IF Erekson doesn't come back -Everhart will win the big 10-he is wrestling great and just won the CK knocking over 3 ranked guys .
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    John ,
    Tell every one that -honestly -last year once I began doing that things 'clicked' and you ARE more aware of your team and their schedules .Russ
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    having Perry in the room has to help-Max Ortega beat Novachov in the sr.Nationals and Navochov kicks ass and Ortega cannot win w/out pinning a guy .loSt has me so shitty I am about to trade away my guys and quit .I 'll be 52 next week and no one has ever treated me with such disrespect . Made a trade .fxxx it -I am always happy to help-I did 4-5 guys scores but told gold I will not do the guys he won't post when and where their guys wrestle -too much time and effort -how long does it take you to post ? 5 minutes ? EVERYONE should do that . I know I appreciate it .Russ
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    I have your week 5 score at 73 -5,12,6,8,8,12,12,10.
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    forgot you had Cody -a friend of mine said he screamed so loud Saturday at Bloomington it scare him .Cody is a good kid and I hope he recovers -i'll make the change now .
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    now that 141 at Iowa is settled for the semester -why not drop Marion and pick up Steve fittery ? The kid is 13-1 and will be at the midlands -been ripping people new ones and has gone from UR to top ten .
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    if you look under where he picked up Brown I left a comment about Brandvold coming back in a week and I think he changed it . If he changed it before gold caught it I guess it's ok ?? That is why you have to stay on top of things as commish -which I am not .Sorry for the apparent mix up .
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    John -the guy who dropped Brandvold and picked up Brown from Rutgers now is claiming he did not drop Brandvold -check with Gold -why would he pick up Brown , a 197 from Rutgers , and not drop a 197 ? i'm sorry o get you all excited but I am sure he dropped Brandvold -instead it now says he dropped Mtych -a 125 lber ??
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    You are welcome -if I were you , being such a Hawkeye fan ,I'd wait until he proves he is ok and then trade for Beatty.
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    Brandvold is in the WAIVER bin.He is only out for a week or soand he's ranked in the top 10.
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    did you see where Casperson lost to Chad Hanke of Oregon State ? It was at the SOU open-I'm guessing Southern Oregon University .apparently the rust is coming off very slowly as Hanke is not that good.
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    John -
    Go to intermat and hit results ,then college -you are on the score book-check under the teams name -usually the home team's -and the rsults should pop up-if they don't have it or have it wrong -which is usually the case -go to Div1 -hit links and go to your wrestlers home page -they have the results usually with in 24 -48 hours .
    Keeping score is a pain in the ass. Last year Zapp was wrong more than right so I double checked all mine and my friends .Russ
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