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  1. I will still give you #15 Craig @ 184 and #9 Notte @ 125 for #14 Garnett and UR Arnone.
  2. #9, #15 and Triggas for Garnett?
  3. Nah I'm solid at HWT with Russo and Arnone. Not a bad offer though.
  4. Zabriskie for Garnett?
  5. I would do a 2nd round supplemental pick for Caputo but it looks like you have an offer already.
  6. Day late on that one. I traded Askren and Ciasulli to Payton for Bradshaw & Gallick. Then traded Bradshaw to LoSt for Caputo.
  7. Ellis for Askren or Patterson? You dont' need both and you could probably use an upgrade at heavy. I would consider Zabriskie but I would need Askren.
  8. I hear you 100%. Kind of my strategy this year was to draft trade potential in 3 weights....and draft for the regular season everywhere else. If everything falls in line, I'll be in a comfortable spot to make some tournament trades LATER in the season.

    Right now, I need to see some early season results before I deal my guys away. Patterson is a regular season gem and without Metcalf on my team this year, I need some consistent horse power. I do have both Patterson/Askren 184, Rebertus/Patrovich 174 and Arnone/Russo HWT which I will be dealing as early as Jan 1.
  9. I am very high on Ellis, I just figure with Zabriskie AND he on my time, I am in a position of dealing and I consider them about the same but would consider them to both be two of the Top Three in the heavy division. Would you want Zabriskie instead? I am not saying I would do that but I would consider it. Its about the playoffs and then the NCAA's. If you feel strongly you have a playoff team like I do, I am going to go ahead and start positioning for the NCAA's and at the risk of some depth. Let me know, either way, no hard feelings. Its just fantasy!
  10. I agree we should talk trade, but Ellis for Patterson? Patterson is going to possibly lead the league in points this year. Ellis has the risk of being a useful as tits on a boar. I would consider Rebertus or Patrovich. Both have AA champ potential like Ellis....but they also don't have the risk of not competing. I'm not high on Ellis as it is, but it sounds as if you're not either.
  11. We should really talk trade. I would give you Ellis for Patterson and then we should just swap one of your heavies for my extra 184 Ward? That way I don't have 3 184's and you don't have 3 heavies.
  12. Nah Ellis is OK, but he's got another guy who could win a national title on his team. He may not even start!
  13. Is Ellis hurt? I haven't done my research but why is he still on the board.
  14. Let's do LeBlanc and Porter for Metcalf and Biencevenga...?
  15. close but no cigar. I'll do bencivenga. They're both pretty even on paper but I think accordino has more bonus upside. I'm guessing they'll win a couple matches a piece.
  16. I will take Accordino for LeBlanc if you want to do that.
  17. i would like to do it for this coming week if possible...i know you probably want winston in your line-up but I am assuming you have a back-up at that weight?
  18. you want to do Winston for Litton?
  19. I have Kjar, (don't laugh until you look at his fantasy potential from last year and this) at 125 and Chance Litton at 184.

    I would consider giving them up for Winston/Dragon at 157 and/or Lucas/Wright.

    Kjar is going to be the best flex guy you can probably get with 45 matches a conference championship and a Top 18 ranking.
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