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  1. Touche'. I've been anticipating this season off college wrestling more than any other in recent memory. Can't wait to see what these kids can do. Already have DT and Logan's BTN matches marked off on my calendar!
  2. Well... not necessarily. While he's obviously performed exceedingly well for his age, I've felt like Logan has faded late in the Sr level freestyle tournaments he's entered. So I think without a redshirt, Stieber will probably be a bit beat up at the end of the season. Taylor, on the other hand, has had a year to acclimate to college, and also has any easier weight to win in my opinion. Precin and McDonough will be tough. I guess I'm hesitant to call it for Logan at this point because he hasn't actually wrestled a college match.

    But mostly, I predicted Taylor a while ago--before Logan first competed at the US Open. If I predict too many guys to win 4 titles, my chances of being right get slim. But if I just do one and then get it right, I can retire on top batting 1.000
  3. Gold, while DT is much more entertaining to watch wrestle, don't you think it's more probable that Stieber has the best shot at winning 4 titles?
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