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  1. Cool, I understand. And you know what that was 2 years ago when I drafted bourroughs as my 1st pick, not last year.
  2. Gotcha.

    Well, a couple things. First of all, gobigred was the one who drafted Burroughs. However, if you had drafted him and dropped him, you would not be able to keep him anyway for three reasons: 1) you have to keep the wrestler on your roster all year to keep him, 2) only wrestlers drafted in rounds 3 or later are eligible to be kept the following year, and 3) no one will be able to keep anyone until next year; No one can keep anyone this year.
  3. Last year I drafted JB in the first round. He got hurt early in the season, so I waived him. Will I be able to have him as a keeper since he was out on injury.
  4. I don't understand your question, Nay. What about Burroughs?
  5. Hey gold, do yyou think borroughs is still mines?
  6. When is it that I gave you zero points? I don't ever remember doing so. Show me the Weekly Scores thread where that happened.

    I'm truly sorry that you think I'm a "garbage" commissioner and sorry that you haven't enjoyed this year.
  7. Gold,

    Loosen up your grip. The rules are the rules. You cant freeze me from trading just like you cant get me in the playoffs. Stop the shit. You know I had one of the most unstoppable teams from the start and you held my line up out for a week and I got zero points, when on the other hand you said if we dont turn in a line up you would use the one from the previos week, then you do this other crap. You are a garbage admin... and I will be glad when this years league is over. Now stop letting your power go to your head and make the trades as I want to.
  8. Sure just send it to me now and I'll post it for you.
  9. Gold,

    Im goin away for the week and wont be able to post. can I get next weeks line up to you. I dont want the same line up.
  10. Gold,

    Is everything OK whats going on. Did someone hurt you or is there some underlying feelings with our league that you dont like? I heard my lineup is not being accepted. Is this true? This is for fun not for money or prizes. JUST BRAGGIN rights. Talk to me dude.
  11. Gold,
    I am sorry about big bro RP doing my work for me but we have been in constant communication and I thought it would be ok for him to do some work for me sometimes. I dont have a acsess to a computer all the time. Anyway I want to drop Marone and ADD Brantley as requested. I will try to be more hands on myself if poss.
  12. No problem. Now that I think about it, you probably could have deleted it yourself. Anyways, you pick before me, so don't worry about what I'm going to do.
  13. thanks GOLD, I may take someone othe than that pick.
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