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  1. What do I get for being the best gambler on this here site?
  2. i really don't mind the ads and at some point i need to get my five year old some wrestling shoes so I would rather buy them here and support the website if it works that way then go online somewhere else and buy them. thanks for all you and jensens do.

    i really don't mind paying the fee either for the year's subscription...if I were working for the site, that might be different but I do enjoy it and the fantasy league.
  3. Hahah, yes, you do. If you are seeing ads its because I messed something up today.
  4. Ive talked to him a couple times now, seems like a good guy! We will see what can be done.
  5. I got a call from him one day and things didn't coordinate well, not sure what happened to him.. he's probably pretty busy.
  6. Pretty damn hot. 92-95 the last few days with pretty crazy humidity. I am glad that I got the pool put in last year as I have spent alot of time around the pool with the boys. Things here are actually pretty good. Thanks for asking. What about up there? I have a buddy who used to wrestle and owns a pretty good Tech Company up in Duluth and he wants to give you a job. You should look into it. Let me know if you are interested. Take care.
  7. How's it been going down there? Finally getting nice up here!
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