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  1. Gof-
    Young wrestles Ill. on the 17th.
  2. Gof-
    I meant to warn you that Gaethje lost to #22 Sakaguchi in their dual-he might still win the WWC but will have to beat Dallasera #14. I was hoping you'd hold out for Bailey .
  3. Interesting....
  4. Rugg FFT'd to Grey
  5. I didn't say "NO" I just said make me a better offer. I like Young more than John and I like Morrill as much as Kinser at this point. If you want to give me Biondo back for Lister and improve on Kinser, I would do it.
  6. Gof- I wanted Paul back for the same reason I told you a few weeks ago-I 've known him and his family since he was in Jr.High .I hope Paul does well for you-I think he low AA's -he still has St.John and a few more tough matches-one more loss gives him the 4 seed-which means he wrestles Taylor in the semis. Good luck with however.
  7. miller just beat a very good Yates from Michigan 7-5 SV
  8. Who says I will lose any? Just kidding.
  9. Gof-
    30+ matches with a chance to win all but 2 is no way to come in last !! Your stated goal was to catch Mateater for last.
  10. GOF-
    This is ridiculous-no mater what I do I cannot break away . Kinser loses to 2 Unranked guys and Lane loses (which I'd planned on ) but then instead of picking up garbage points defaults out with a minor injury .Frigging LoSt is going to win . MOJO has the deeper . better team but has a few holes and might not get the WC.
    You are still in shape for a WC IF Smith comes back. Lester will lose his spot to Nelson but so what ? No one has Nelson so you are fine-unless some prick picks him up in the next supp. Remember we have an extra one this year .
    You need to write Stanford and ask what is up with Giesen-he wins Reno then no shows ? Borrelli's old man does that at CMU-if a guy is slightly dinged and he sees no chance for the team to win he'll sit him. i've made one move to get stronger for NCAA's and I spent too much-Ihnen and Green for Rader and Bosak-Bosak and Ihnen both placed 2nd and now both my 49's suck.

    Keep your head up and hope for the WC.
  11. of-
    Google Gimp software and look at 197 and 125 -you might want to flex bonanao
  12. Thanks Gof -
    I am such a dumass. I tried to be a good citizen and nearly end up in Jail-try to vote for myself and hit the wrong button . I sincerely believe the only reason I am alive is God nor Satan want to claim me .
  13. Your not one down anymore buddy!
  14. Gof-
    I am completely broke and accidentally voted for KD in the poster of the month-I needed that gift certificate and voted away my chance !! He is one vote ahead of me -my vote !!
    God -i hope I die soon
  15. Yeah, its hard to say what will happen with the draft. There are alot of intriguing picks to be had in the draft. Might be able to get a couple of good guys to add if I have 2 top 16 picks.
  16. Gof-
    If you would pick Up Dong for me I'll send you DESI GREEN for Gillespie and also Kyle John 16-3 at 157 for Dong .
    Green is #9 at Intermat and Gillespie #15-but more importantly Desi will win the MAC again -he is 12-1-this all may be for naught as MOJO is probably going to take him with the first pick .
  17. Yes, I meant Nelson, sorry...Dong is fine...I already have Sponseller...if I am going to draft Dong I need a GOOD heavy for him. I will definitely consider it. Need to know whats going on with Kirk Smith too!
  18. You mean Nelson ?? Dong was 36-5 last year. Nelson has shown me nothing against top guys .
  19. Actually I usually like the Big X guys because in the larger brackets you can still do pretty well picking up 1st-3rd. I don't like Lane's style as he keeps too many matches close. I think Dong with the #3 is a bit early even for him. TLV is the guy I'm worried about taking Lane. I can see him dropping Gelogeav and pairing Lane with Bugenhausen
  20. You should have wrestled Bonano-=he just beat that Maryland Kid 13-2-If I can find a decent fat bot I'll give you Lane if you pick up Dong . But let 's wait -we still have a week-Nelson and Lane = except big 10 has 4-5 hwts who could win it all.
    Rug just stuck his guy in the first .
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