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  1. Go Gophs....I got the Gophers +15 with Zapp. I am covering that bad boy ALL DAY LONG. I think J. Rob's been building for this dual all year. I think he'd like to have Deitchler and Geiger in the line-up but I guess that ain't going to happen. If he did, we win this one going away.
  2. Okay, I will let you takeover in the Iowa v Minny thread. I'm getting bored.
  3. Probably worth keeping an eye on this dckunder guy.
  4. What do you know about this Burns kid who is at UNC now from Nebraska? Sounds like a possible "out of nowhere kid" who if they can get him in the line-up would/could make a run at the ACC at 149.
  5. Jon Burns was one of the top 2 guys at 145 a few years ago. The other guy in the top 2 there was Mario Mason.

    Burns beat him at the Ironman and was ranked #1 for most of the year, but then Mason came back and won Senior Nationals either beating Burns in the process or Burns got knocked off before the finals.

    He's tough.
  6. I in no way was saying anything about you when I was mentioning Trusty's situation at 184. If it came across that way, I apologize. I just keep seeing him starting his 184 even though he's injured. When I saw who had been wrestling in his place and just put 2 and 2 together and saw that it had been McNeil, I just didn't know if you knew that TLV had him on his squad.

    That being said, who is this Burns kid that just transferred to UNC and may be stepping in for Stabile?
  7. No.

    Guys picked in this draft won't be eligible until Midlands/Scuffle.
  8. whomever we draft tomorrow, can we start this weekend?
  9. Going to have to turn that down.

    I'll stay how I am and get the 125 that I like with my own first rounder and keep Martinez.
  10. How about fucking the #9, and the fucking #15 and Triggas for fucking Martinez?
  11. Dude "Private Message" is what it says. Its fucking private, so long as you don't hit "Reply All" like you and some others seem to like to do if you're conversing with multiple people.

    Posting shit on these walls is going to be seen.

    In terms of a late trade, you know I'm always willing to listen.
  12. I wonder why we can't get a TRUE private messenging system. I have to go to facebook or over to e-mail to do anything in private, the rest is just disinformation...double reverse psycology.

    You have any interest in an 11th hour trade?
  13. Given that I know you know how to read, and can scroll a few posts down my wall...

    I think I'll pass on that one.
  14. I will bet you $1,000,000 I know who the 1st person is in the draft?
  15. Well I ain't got any "Godfather" guys anymore on my team...that's for sure. Not quite sure how I ended up getting rid of Ness and Askren, not too smart. Now I need to be scrappy.
  16. No, not mad or anything. I don't know how well we'd possibly match up in terms of trade scenarios anyway or if I'd even wind up in a position to trade one of my 149's.

    In terms of a 25 or an 84 I can't help you as I only have one guy at each spot one of whom I won't trade under any conceivable circumstances and one of whom I'm not really interested in trading either unless I get a Godfather offer.
  17. Did I do something to make you mad. You never really asked me anything, you just said something about possibly trading me a know me, I am gamer...if you have a trade in mind let me know. I would give LoSt's left nut for a 125 and a 184 lb'er.
  18. Whatever...just figured I'd ask.
  19. Charges were dismissed, besides, I like to see a little fight out of him for once...
  20. Last I checked Grajales was on his way to jail for assault along with Dragon and Peterkin.

    Stabile is serviceable but he isn't better than Cathell or D'Alie.
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