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    Thanks for the offer-it means a lot to me -but I haven't been taking handouts so why start now ?? That is my grandma talking there . I (literally
    0 fought my way out of MARS HILL-the poorest of the poor white trash -my grandma rescued me from DFCS and somehow I got an academic ride to college -then when I graduated i looked around and everyone I had grown up with was dead or in prison . And a lot of those kids had potential-that is why I became a teacher /coach-to help.
    Had you told me a decade ago that I would be partially crippled and ''living'' on $700.00 a month I'd probably have slapped you for wishing this upon me -it has gotten so bad that I have not been able to feed myself the last 3 days of the month-I can't go work construction under the table anymore because of my shoulder so..
    THANKS for the offer CJ but I am actually crying now -I am so worthless and weak-NO. I am ok -things are worse for a lot of people .THANKS again .
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    No-Esco seems to be 100%-a few of my ex wrestlers called me and want to go to the Hoosier Duals -I'm broke al the time so I feel bad but they offered to pay -they said it was the least they could do-I am really glad they called -I was feeling pretty bad about myself . anyway ,if I go I'll see how he is moving first hand -
    on your line up you listed That Triggas is wrestling Ciasulli-he is wrestling mcDonald who may be ranked this week -glad you put Triggas in -wrestling those bad schools might give him some confidence and you some points -Starks may or may not wrestle and it doesn't matter that much-I can stand losing Kerber for a few weeks
    Why don't you offer TRUSTY Washington for LeValley ? LeValley has a few easy matches coming up and that would answer /fill your void at 149 until Grajales returns ?? The Bison duals should score you 20+ points if you get Levalley .
    Just a suggestion . Russ
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    Goph -i've been racking what few brain cells I have left but can't come up with a trade -if I give up the #10 141 for Gitomer -who I'd use once -I couldn't live with myself -then I saw where Washington lost to Phillips of EMU and wondered how that came to pass -you'd better just keep Triggas this week and wrestle him against a bunch of wusses in the OSU duals .Then Gitomer doesn't wrestle again until the 19th and Banano will be back the 13th against Lock Haven.
    People on here must think I am anidiot -after that trade last night I said I'd trade anyone if the price is right -Zapp hits me up and I told him no Palmer -so he offers me Banga and Palmer for Metcalf and Ortega ? I am fairly sure I am cognizant of my surroundings so I have not lost my mind -but why then would someone offer me the wrestler I specifically told him I did not want ?
    I looked Banano's back up and put him down -then next week i can trade for orozco so I am only ffting one weight .
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    Goph -
    How do I block GAGE ? He PM'd me until 1 A.M working out a trade and said his dad was right there -so I do the trade and JensenS approves it then Trusty says he knows nothing about it and needs time to look it over .Gage has PM'd me 18 x since his dad told him not to .Now I am being made out to be the bad guy when I sent a #10 141 for a #12 149 -who I don't need -
    Banano is hurt until December 13th -so I hope Angel goes to the CK .Kerber and Starks are both hurt as well . PLEASE tell me how to block GAGE.
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    How come I didn't get a nice week smiley face ? I have 111 points with 3 matches against Wabash left -and I planned mine -Lewnes just fell into LoSt's lap .
    To get Escos points -or his back up's -you have to name him in your line up. Taht's 22 points I lost . Guess I'll read the fine print .:0
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    go ahead and deal him if you can as I have to trade someone for a 197 .And your back up at 125 Triggas -? and Gittomer lost today so trade Ellis or Z if you want . I don't mean to be rude but I have a more pressing need at the moment and may have to trade Banano for a 97.
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    Goph -on this back up rule -Trusty puts down Nelson and Nelson does not wrestle but he gets his points ? If so ,Why don't I get Esco's back up's points from MSU ?LoSt told me you had to put your back ups name down .
    Which is correct .
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    I see GAGE is attacking you with endless pMs as well k it would really help us k-he offered me Terry and Moley for Metcalf and O'Conner .
    We may have a snag in our dealings for Esco-I need a back up 125 but DO not want Nikko stinking up my team .He lost to his freshman back up yesterday . Plus I may have to trade for a 97 as Starks med def 'd out of Brockport .
  9. Sorry for doing all the trade offer CJ I gue i went a little crazy i gue i houldnt make anymore trade
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    Nice...He was doing the same stuff with me a week and a half or so ago. Countless pm's saying "make us an offer for LeBlanc".

    I had to try and explain that I didn't want to trade LeBlanc, and even if I did that it would be up to him to make an offer.
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    Start ignoring him.
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    Goph -go to my unread messages and GoBigRED left a link that works for me .
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    I looked on Kent States site and the coach is saying Opher is probably going to be the number one guy for the rest of the season and Div.1 has Bedolyn as a possible red shirt -since Bedolyn has not stepped on the mat yet and is possibly red shirting why should his ''back up'' get points ? I asked JensenS to explain this to me as it seems silly to get points for a guy red shirting ,at least to me .
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    I can't register on FACEBOOK because my E-MAIL is generic but it's all I got . Now what ,Yoda ??
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    I think Ellis has the better point-scoring potential. He doesn't have the rugged Big 10 at 125 ... I think Ellis is more durable.
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    if you can give me two weeks I'll know about Esco and will feel better trading him to you if he is 100%-If not we can trade for Z or ellis .
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    I'll send you Esco for Z today .
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    Can you wait 2 weeks ? Angel won't wrestle the MSU and I won't know how he'll wrestle until the Hoosier Duals . e pinned the Wabash guy with one arm last year -but there are a few tough guys at the Duals .
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    the only problem I have with the trade right now are the schedules --both IU and Hofstra have 19 duals and 3 tournaments and Mizzou has 11 duals and the National duals and the midlands and ISU has 11 duals and Nat.duals and Midlands -If we make the trade now I don't know if I'll qualify for the tournament or top 4 or whatever -do you mind if we hold off until after the CK ? If Esco doesn't wrestle there this year I'll let him go -I spent SO much time preparing for the draft and making sure I had no open dates it was ridiculous-between Grey and Ortega I have ZERO open dates and the same with Esco and Banano and with Kerber /Young.
    So if you don't mind could we wait til December ? That would give us a better feel for our teams and If some other weight class starts F'ing up we could work a multi player ? I hate Goldman but this will be the first time in history IU could have a 4 time AA and I would love to see Angel and TNIcK in the finals to decide THE 125 of the last 4 years .RP
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    goph -
    My 125 lbers are rated #2 and #10-my heavy dropped to #13
    133 #7 grey and #19 ortega
    141-#9Ciasulli .UR Melde
    O'conner #4
    165 #12 and 14 Kerber and Young
    174 #11 Manuel
    184 -#3 Askren and #17 thomesitt
    197 #11 Starks
    Hwt Birchler #13
    Last year I had Young but had to drop him and he started the year 11-1 with 6 falls and outscored Trevor Stewart by 20 points before the Midlands . Birchler can go 4-2 every weekend as far as I'm concerned as Edinboro has 15 duals and 4 tournaments-
    Think about Maybe Banano (30-15) last year as a freshman and Young/Kerber and Birchler for a 25 and a hwt and a throw in -if Kerber handles the weight cut he'll be great at 65 -like I said Earlier our teams are very similar -or I could send you Banano/Ciausulli#9/and Birchler for a 125 ,Washington and a hwt .Russ
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