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    I e-mailed those pricks at Army to see exactly when Starks would be back-I was thinking -as JensnenS has Starks going to Rd. of 12 -i could send you Bonanao and Starks for Triggas and Beatty -you are playing for the end game already but i can't afford to fft a weight every week .
    This would give you 2 conference finalists -at 125 and 197 -and give me a guy who may lose his starting spot -Nikko-and Beatty -the big 10 is wide open at 97 with Brandvold ,Biondo,Beatty and Brown . Those 4 197s are all ranked in the top 12 .Throw Bond into the mix and ....ISU won't come off Fisk and I am NOT taking Decker for Bonano....This cannot be a formal offer until I hear back from Army as I won't trade a messed up wrestler .Russ
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    Starks will be either first or second in the EIWA and simaz has NEVER beaten him -I was just trying to find a way to justify taking Washington off your hands and giving you Seth-who won the EIWA last year over Jantzen of Harvard .Seth started last year 6-6 and ended up 27-10 EIWA champion and one match from AA status .
    I'd help you at 65 but who knows what is going on with Kerber ?
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    I was just trying to help you out with your immediate problem at 141 .
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    My back up 141 -Melde-just beat Washington . How'd Askren do ? I hope he wins it all for you . but I get his points today if he wins as those are the rules -I am tired -you think out a deal to make you better at 141 .Washington will fall all the way out of the rankings today . Birchler lost to Wade -beats the #16 but loses to the #22-Wade got a reversal and back points in the third -I was shocked Birchler got of his back with Wade's 60 inch waist on his face . Thomuseit stuck someone and majored another guy . If you want to do the 97 pound deal I'll throw in Ortega whose schedule is perfectly attuned with grey's and you can throw in ??? good night .
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    Did Washington lose again today ?
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    I am trying to figure out a way to help you out here so you don't get stuck with some asshole from B F Egypt . Who do you have at 141 ?
    Mine are Seth and Melde -Melde started the year UR but only has one loss -(to Hump) plus he wrestles a boatload of matches .
    Who are you working with besides Radar ? How old is he now ? 30?
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    I have no idea. He's apparently supposed to be.
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    What type of event are you talking about???????

    If its a dual and you have both you get the points regardless.

    If its the PSU Open or Midlands and you don't flex one of them you will have to specifically name who you want to score in your heavyweight slot.

    If you decide you want to flex one of them for one or both of those tournaments you'll score points from each guy.
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    To where? You'd get them automatically in duals, but in tournaments (Missouri has PSU Open, and Midlands left and both I would expect will be entered) you'd have to specify which one you would score.
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    I wouldn't call myself "bummed."

    It would have been cool to have Ness, but the fact of the matter is I was agreeing to the trade that he had discussed primarily because it was Ness not necessarily because I thought it would be "great" for my team.

    With the way that LeBlanc has performed so far this year and the schedule that he wrestles I will be just fine with keeping him on my team.
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    Young is (right now ) my only 165 as Kerber had surgery and has yet to make weight at 65 . Boanano I have set aside for ISU-I told you that last week -Ellis did the same thing Askren did So F him too
    Craig is not worth an even swap because he wrestles once more this month then not again until Midlands -I have one Lehigh guy so I know their schedule .
    Askren #2 and Grey #6 for #2 Ness and #9 Craig -Ward is worthless and got beat in his own wrestle offs and Young is my leading point scorer with 5 matches next week against no one .
    What about Starks #10 back in 2 weeks and #2 Askren for Beatty and Craig ?
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    Askren and Grey for Craig and that no good Ness.
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    I use Firefox and it won't let me open that link-says something about it being virus laden ?I mean my page shuts down and says site is DANGEROUS-You may want to run an anti-virus scan real quick .
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    I am tempted but that would leave me the fierce Zac toomuchshit at 84 -Iowa State and Missou need to fire their AD's for the schedules they have -plus Ellis did the same damn thing -Mizzou just happens to have a FILA world champ as his back up.
    TigerFan told me he saw Ellis at the dual .
    Everyone says how the All-star match makes so much money -I can do basic math -$12 a ticket times 1,000 people = $12,000.00-10,000 people =$120,000.00-how much do you think that is going to HELP ? NONE. Until Title IX is reversed our sport is in jeopardy unless the guy from Nike ,Knight , wants to give a few million across the board .
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    When I tried to open the Cal poly link my computer popped up a warning that said site was an attack site -did you get this ?
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    Goph -
    As you know -I have done everything but piss on a sparkplug to get these guys to so something -No one is doing anything . then the one trade I do make I canceled -other than you -and Zapp making a useless offer -No one wants to do anything so I feel your pain . I'm wrestling a freshman 133 at 125 today -I have never heard of this kid -but he has won 2 matches and lost by a point to Kjar.Russ
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    Nikko will score you 30 points this week -and when he does shop him around quickly . OSU has a poor schedule and he won't do much in the big 10's .
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    I think they will stick with Nikko-McDonald from Leheigh is pretty tough-but if he can pin 2-3 wuss' maybe he can turn this around .
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    I hope Triggas wrestles this weekend -apparently they (OSU) had a wrestle off and he lost to the same kid who beat him at Brockport . He is so big he may be cutting too much . At 133 it is a little tougher going but how could it be worse than what he is going through now ? Completely out of the rankings .
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    That kid reminded me of KYLE -the no limbed wrestler -I usually deal with things better bu your unexpected kindness kinda threw me off -the possessions I have lost do not bother me-the inability to lift weights or even ride a bike or go for a long walk are the things I miss -I am putting off my knee replacement as long as possible and the Surgeon will not write me a permission slip to do anything as one good fall and it is shoulder surgery Number 3 .
    Thanks for caring Goph - I am just having a hard time adjusting to the fact I can no longer make it on my own -I am sure something will snap and things will work out -I guess I am just tired of existing and not LIVING . I'll fight through this .
    Thanks again .
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