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    125-Lara or Notte -LARE first -Steinbrager belongs to ISU or Lost as Beebee's back up-
    133 Go with Ashnault from Rutgers or Celario from App.State -Cellario has not lost in the Soson for 2 tears save for when he ft'd because of injury -his coach is OLD school
    149-Yates will win the ACC
    157-Scotten or Fittery -I'd take Scotten as he will win the ACC
    Salazar is a 157 pounder -he could win the big 10
    174-Litton-he will walk through the EWL
    184 Dave ERVIN as a surprise -beat Patterson and Wright back to back yesterday -but with Askren and Ward you don't need him
    197-Mikah Burak-Penn 3 x colorado state champ and has spent the last 2 tears at the Olympic Training Center -lost to Simaz 1-0 and Biondo 1-0
    Hwt -I was going to pick Nate up if I stayed but can pick him and hand him to you -he used to OWN Berhow at 197 then got hurt anmd went 5-10 at HWT-then won 27 matches lst year and is unbeaten this year -barring the return of Erekson -he wins the big 10.
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    WHOA-I am gone after the supp-You are staying -I'll help you strategy wise any way I can -but JenesenS comment about me needing meds was WAY out of line , and especially if he let's Lost change his schedule after the tournament started -if you want to talk strategy I am your man -but no way am I staying after lost's BS-caling J a dick and saying J sucks ? FUCK lost -I just don't want to get violent so I'll get gone .
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    BULLSHIT you tell him you are back in !!!
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    Yeahh i saw that... 25 really burned me this year. Drafted two AA caliber guys and will get jack out of it. But do you like my heavies yet? Lol
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    Jerome !!!
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    I think they both do, personally.
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    They both (I assume) went back and edited their line ups to what they had down before the trade.
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    Didn't see Askren's name on there at PSU open -the man has wrestled 2 matches so far . I hope he wins 84 for you but I don't think it is possible for him to wrestle 30 matches this year .4 at Midlands ,3-4 at National duals, 8 duals ,2 at Big 5 and 5 at championships -that is 23 if he wins them all .
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    Yea Jensens has already said no one gets Bennett's points today as ISU listed him at 84.
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    Grajales is in Penn's line up and won a fft .
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    Bad news , both Bennet and Miller are at 174 today .POOP
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    What I was saying is you only have 8 active wrestlers-you should have waited until second semester to trade Ellis that way you could have scored some points -Steele was going nowhere and will get you no points --Gittomer/Rader/Grajales/Galante/Steele and Ward ??and Stabile ? are hurt or benched 15-7 =8
    I have been up all night -never buy an e machines -don't even take one as a gift -they are SO much trouble -the PC I am using is a mix match of used parts -when I opened up the first computer ,bought new , it had used parts in it -or parts that sure as heck were not Gateway .
    I have 4-5 bottles of pain killers and muscle relaxers -I just don't want to take any more . My lats and rib cage cramp about 3 times a week -badly.Russ
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    I typed 1500 words again so I just deleted a lot ,so if this is incoherent that is why . You should NEVER have traded Ellis -flexing him on hope and him wrestling the PSU and Midlands you would not have lost much if he did get beat out .
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    I have no idea -just trying to throw a life line to a friend -however ,GBR-that Cornell freak in Gold's league ?? He says that now, maybe Kerber doesn't go to the Ck-the Scuffle 100%-the CK 50/50 . I swear I am not making this up -he and I have an arrangement -I let him know about IU guys and he lets me know about Cornell. Trust me , you do NOT want Cornell's back up 165 -he went 0-3 last week-I copied everyone's roster by hand -that way it helps me remember who's where and sometimes I get trade ideas from nowhere -if I remember right you only have 2/3 of your roster wrestling . Let me get back to you tomorrow as I just woke up cramping so bad I was crying .My surgeon moved to Florida so i don't know what to do about the cramping -I have muscle relaxers but had the surgery to get off the pills.
    Am I seeing things or are you wrestling 8 with 2 back ups ? How did this happen ?
    I'l talk to you in the morning Russ
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    JensenS said he would take care of the GAGE problem -I am glad I opened that one -he sent me a regular message and it popped up and said trade me Craig -I said Craig for Foster if you leave me alone -he then insulted me and a day later told me his dad had agreed to Craig /Cameron and he was posting it .I had to go for a walk to calm down and it was sleeting outside -I informed Jensen I wasn't taking anymore from G-he told G if he didn't stop he was taking away his PM rights .
    I would have stroked out and found out eric Cameron of IU was on my team -put out the word I am trying to trade Craig -I really don't want a burn-out on my team .
    I'll wager Miller is at 174 tomorrow .My back up 41 lost to Iowa but beat Bucknell 7-0-pick up Ashnault -he just beat Marble -nearly majored him . If you want I can try and send you Melde and Kerber -Kerber is wrestling the CK , according to Koll-a kid who can win 29 matches at 184 should be good for 35+ at 65 .
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    Only MMA photos. I don't do wrestling events anymore since I am training MMA and grappling right now and am done with wrestling. All my MMA photos are at . Might do Midlands but we'll see.
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    Haven't you heard of Duct tape ? Make sure the breathing hole is big enough on each monkey and then you'll sleep like a baby .
    I never married -I read a long time ago-my teen age years -that if you were abused the cycle never stopped .I would like to think I would have been a good father - I was a GREAT coach . Happy Thanksgiving .
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    What you doing up on a holiday ? I hope McDonalds is open.
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    I guess you are right -I just don't want the 'provisos'' of that trade getting around as everyone would want a money back guarantee -one guy posted my PM's last year so I guess Privacy is dead .
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    Not... A... Chance.
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