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  1. GBR-
    I advised ACCBOY to trade Grey if you are interested . Also, is Meagher healthy ?
  2. GBR-
    I just mentioned this to ACC but thought you might like to know that COX from Wyoming beat Novakov last night. He was a little bad ass at 125 but moved to 33 when Martinez dropped down . Will win the WWC
  3. GBR-
    I updated the rosters as they were a mess and added your trades -check your roster and make sure I have everything correct .
    You now have THE best team in the league .
  4. GBR-
    I talked Buck into trading you Simaz for /fittery if you want .Fittery is great but so are a bunch of 57's .Simaz is the LAW at 97 . Fleming is a tolerable back up until you can trade Brandvold for a top 3 157 . Actually ,Fleming has the best schedule left of any 57 lber .Pick up Young off VAIS cheap .
  5. GBR-how bad is Villalonga ? Bonson -according to a fellow fantasy player-ficked up his shoulder . Any truth to that ?
  6. No problem-you have a lot of bitchy people in your league -Scotten is an animal and will win the ACC and AA-Kerber started out slow but beat JP and then Brown 11-6 -hard to score 11 against Breezy-like I said a friend's 165 went down so I gave him Kerber -what are friends for -I believe Scotten is the only loss Fittery has .
  7. Btw - thx for pointing me to Scotton. Needed a 57 to do decent after losing Burroughs. Kerber was rough at first at the Scuffle but he looked solid later on. I think he'll be good by tournament time.
  8. Thanks - I like Vinson. He's better than Abel and he has 2 more duals, but much tougher competition imo. He'll face Desi Green, possibly Grajales, Borshoff, Steve Santos (who he's 1-1 against this year), White or Fuentes and so on. Abel has some soft competition, especially in the weeks where Kyler has gaps in his schedule. Kyler will be my starter, but he has some schedule gaps. I'll keep it in mind though. As far as Kerber, haven't heard anything new. It's tough to get info with people away for the holidays. I'll let you know if I do hear.
  9. Take a look in the waiver bin at Vinson -#1 recruit for binghamton -Midlands plus 14 duals .
  10. I think Pena but Thaxton picked him up-8 falls already ? Grajales is available and supposedly wrestling next semester -check PENN's Site . Torn on wrestling Kerber this week Young has 17 wins and Kerber will be rusty -If O'Conner does not go to Midlands I'll wrestle Salazar and Young/Kerber -you heard anything else about Kerber .??
  11. Fills in the gaps in Kyler's schedule pretty well. Did pretty well at Reno against some decent guys. Chamberlain is clearly better - who else do you like better in the Pac 10? Pena? Anyone available you think is a better pickup?
  12. Abel sux -you sure ?? we are talking 4th at best in Pac 10
  13. GBR-
    Great pick up to back up Kerber . Nick was barely a .500 wrestler at 74 but has been great sine droping down to 165 last year . the kid is HUGE .
  14. GBR
    Thanks alot man ,Appreciate it .My back up-Paul Young pinned 2 ranked guys and beat another at CK and DROPPED in the rankings ??His 2 losses are a 1 point decision to Howe and a 2 point decision to Rendos -both AA's . Paul is 15-2 with 7 falls and dropped to 14th . But hw lives in the big 10 where ,if lucky ,he'll go 6-2 , 165 is TOUGH in the big 10 so if Kerber was down I was going to pick up some one from the SoCon or something for conference week . The kid from UTC is 19th and Paul stuck him -CONFERENCE is IT-russ
  15. Rob's email after vegas said that Kerber will be back for the Scuffle. I'll paste the text below:

    Justin Kerber injured his knee. Justin is back on the mats but only
    had a couple practices under his belt and we did not believe he was
    prepared to wrestle in Las Vegas. He will wrestle at the Scuffle, our
    next competition.
  16. GBR-
    our supplemental is coming up and I need to know what Kerber is going to do . Med REDSHIRT ? sit out or wrestle .?? Any info you have would realy help.Russ
  17. A friend who was at Binghamton told me about the Burak brothers. I want to keep Brown from Rutgers against Princeton and VMI this weekend. But he's been disappointing. Looked good 2 years ago at EIWAs. Didn't seem to improve in his redshirt year.
  18. And thank you .I will flex Orozco at 197 and wrestle Lapotsky at 197 .That Rutgers 97 pounder sucks -Orozco or a super sleeper -Mikah Burak -from Penn . 3 time Colorado state champ and then spent 2 years at the Olympic center -he is 9-2 and his losses were 1-0 to Simaz and 1-0 to Biondo . PENN . His brother at 165 is unbeaten -12-0.He stuck Winston .Russ
  19. Thanks. Looked at Morrison - definitely considering picking him up. Looking very iffy for Kerber to go this weekend.
  20. one of the secrets I used last year was to load up on guys wrestling quads tris and tournaments -pick up a 165 and waive him in a few weeks if he gets 2 falls and 2 wins there is 18 points -do that 5 times this year and that wil be the difference from 1st to 5th-try it -what good are waivers if you don't use them -Marble just got stepped on by Dennis and Ashnault from Rutgers I've been looking hard at Ashnault for the supplemental-transfer from Lock Haven and bumped up to 133 and is tough as nails -plus he wrestles 50 matches .Take a hard look at Morrison from Rider at 65 .
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