"Wrestling Talk" Buddies at Past NCAAs

Pictures from past NCAAs that include Wrestling Talk forum members
  1. I will let Dart Shark caption this since he is the one who took it.
  2. 2 Wongs and a White (Cheryl & Jenny Wong and Kirk White)
  3. Cheryl Wong, Fanforlife, Dart Shark, DH and Kirk White.
  4. Fanforlife and Fred "Strike a pose" Ambrose
  5. DH, Gerald "Hotness" Harris, and Rashard Goff
  6. Gerald "Hotness" Harris and Bluestater
  7. Sara McMann, DH, Cheryl Wong (and "Hotness" is in the background).
  8. Old Shamrock and DH
  9. GripsnHips bringing it
  10. DH and John Strittmatter
  11. Spider and Fanforlife
  12. Fanforlife and Hupp (not sure of his username on here)
  13. Dart Shark and DH
  14. DH and Fanforlife with Zach and Teague
  15. Wrestling Talk social at the 2008 NCAAs
  16. Fanforlife and DH
  17. Fanforlife with Mike and Zach
  18. The old Harvard crew... Teague Moore, Kendall Cross, DH, and Dustin DeNunzio
  19. Gripsnhips and Fanforlife
  20. DH and Catullo
  21. Fanforlife and Shawn Bunch
  22. Grips, DH, Dart Shark, Homerdindon, Fanforlife
  23. Lewboo and Grips
  24. Dart Shark
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