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  1. Did you try If it's not on there, I can ask someone else who I think was there.
  2. Since you are tuned into the wrestling world and photography, maybe you can help me. In Fargo in 2007, Jonathan wrestled Kevin Levalley (CO) in the finals. He lost, but he finished off the second period with a five point throw. I have the match on tape (from the stands), and I see that there were many flashes from around the mat of people photgraphing that match and that throw in particular. There was a pic of the two of them facing off that wound up on a website somewhere, but I would love to find a photo of that throw. Do you have connections with people that may have been around the finals mat in Fargo in 2007?
  3. I know Spenser. I haven't met Nate yet. Jonathan, my son, heads back up there on Tuesday. He is in between weights right now - too big to make 66kg and too small for 74kg. He was the FILA Junior and University National Champ at 70kg. He has to focus on bulking up to 74kg.

    Good luck with the MMA stuff. Maybe some of the MMA popularity will rub off on wrestling. We've had a rough week with a disappointing showing at the Olympics so far and the Jordan/Donahoe circus.
  4. I have a lot of friends who are at Northern Michigan. It's a great training situation. Mango and Engle are both my buddies.

    I am working as the manager of the new MMA gym that we are opening this fall ( I also have been given the title "creative director" of the wrestling school since I do their website, photography, as well as some printed graphic design work. But the MMA gym is my focus.
  5. The truth is I was born in my father's second year in law school, and we left to move to Illinois when I was two, but I have been back to Boston many times, and I lived in New Hampshire for many years.

    My son is a sophomore at Northern Michigan University at the USOEC. He was a Greco guy and did not train at Overtime, though we live close. My father actually grew up in Naperville, and my parents met in high school there in the 1950's. I have another son who wrestles for West Aurora. He will be an undersized 103 pounder this year as a sophomore.

    Sean Bormet and Overtime are top notch. What will you be doing at Overtime?
  6. Hey! That is awesome. I was born in Cambridge as well. I grew up on Irving St, went to Cambridge Rindge and Latin, and then Harvard so I was there the first 22 years of my life! What part of Cambridge did you live in?

    I just moved to Naperville at the end of June since I am working for Overtime now. Has your son trained there? I am still getting to know the kids since I am working in the MMA group and not the wrestling group.
  7. I see that you list your location as Naperville. I am in North Aurora and am an Illinois native, though I was born in Cambridge when my father was at Harvard Law School. I spent 6 years in NH and got married and had two kids there. You have a gift for photography, and I appreciate your contributions to the sport of wrestling.

    Kevin Drendel
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