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  1. Well, its out loss. Good luck with everything Danielle.
  2. Only MMA photos. I don't do wrestling events anymore since I am training MMA and grappling right now and am done with wrestling. All my MMA photos are at . Might do Midlands but we'll see.
  3. Haven't seen any new work from you yet? You still taking photos?
  4. I was thinking the same thing about Trusty's post although unfortunately, Gage has his own website handle. I think we are talking about a Trusty pee pee issue, not a Gage.
  5. I really hope that was Gage posting on Trusty's account...
  6. YOu see, now I knew it was a story I was going to regret hearing...LOL.
  7. We are talking about urinating on people. Homer was wasted at NCAAs and during his sleep, began sleepwalking and accidentally pissed on Dart Shark's bed.

    So I suggested that he get an R Kelly avatar, since R Kelly likes to piss on people.

    And Homer thought we should photoshop an avatar of R Kelly pissing on Dart Shark.
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