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  1. Cool - I think we will do some south jersey and shore tournaments this year. My guys like tournaments, but I am trying not to do many since I think you can burn them out doing that (waking up early, can be stressful)
  2. my sons did alot of bjj over the summer. i was out of commission w/ the knee, but got back on the mat around july. just for fundamental bjj classes. (no heavy rolling). we are knee deep in pop warner football. i hate it. wrestling right around the corner though.. psyched
  3. Lot of guys from Region 6 on that roster.
  4. Scarlet Knights 2008-09 Roster

    NameCl.Wt.School/HometownADAMES, RUDDYFr.157 Bayonne/Bayonne, N.J.BARRETT, JACK R-Jr.149 Metuchen HS/Metuchen, N.J.BOLLETTE, BRIAN R-Fr133 Kittatinny HS/Newton, N.J.BOYDEN, JESSEFr197 David Brearly HS/Kenilworth, N.J.BRADLEY, KELLEN Jr.149 Kittatinny HS/Newton, N.J.BROWN, LAMAR Sr.197 Red Bank Regional HS/Red Bank, N.J.CHIRICHELLO, ANTHONYJr.174 Christian Brothers Academy/Howell, N.J.COULAS, ZACHARYFr.133 Ocean Twp. HS/Ocean, N.J. CUCINOTTA, MICHAELSo.174 Paulsboro HS/Gibbstown, N.J.DEDEYN , SEANR-So.285 Central Regional/Bayville, N.J.DEMARCO, MICHAEL So.125 St. Mary’s HS/Lyndhurst, N.J.DOBISH, KEITH Jr.184 Lodi HS/Lodi, N.J.FUSCO, MATTFr.125 Queen of Peace/Belleville, N.J.GREENWALD, DAVIDR-So.141 St. Mary’s/Union, N.J.GROGAN, PAUL So.125/133 Lenape Valley HS/Netcong, N.J.LANGEL III, JOSEPHFr.125 Howell HS/Howell, N.J.MAHMOUD ABDUEL , KARIMJr.197 Wallington HS/Wallington, N.J.MELDE , TREVORFr.141 DePaul Catholic/Hewitt, N.J.MENDITTO , NICHOLASFr.149 Ocean Twp. HS/Ocean, N.J.MILONAS, TYLERR-Fr.133 Jefferson HS/Oak Ridge, N.J.NORRELL, CHRISTOPHERJr.165 Phillipsburg HS/Phillipsburg, N.J.OGBONNA, MCPAUL So.174 Hanover Park HS/East Hanover, N.J.ORZECHOWSKI, CHRISTOPHER So.184 Old Bridge HS/Old Bridge, N.J.PEDONE, DANIELJr.149 South Mecklenberg/Charlotte, N.C.PLETCHER, MATT Sr.165 Rancocas Valley HS/Eastampton, N.J.RIGOGLIOSO, MATTHEW Jr.174 Wayne Valley HS/Wayne, N.J.RINALDI, DANIEL Fr.165/174 Lodi HS/Lodi, N.J.RODDY, RYANFr.165/174 Northfield-Mount Hermon/Woodbridge,Conn.RUSSO III, DOMINICK R-So.285 Lenape Valley HS/Netcong, N.J.SEIDENBERG , DAVIDFr.141 Raritan HS/Red Bank, N.J.STECIUK, ALEXFr.165 Ballston Spa/Middle Grove,N.Y.WHALEN, MICHAEL R-Sr.174 Parsippany HS/Lake Hiawatha, N.J.WINSTON, SCOTTFr.157 Jackson Memorial/Jackson, N.J.ZANNETTI, GREGORYFr.157 Edison, N.J. /JP Stevens
  5. No problem - Sunday night is never ideal. Sure we'll be in the same place at the same time again in the future.
    Steve's real impressive considering his age.
  6. Sorry i didin't call you yesterday. I was exhausted and just wanted to get the hell out of Dodge. I passed the course, but have alot of work to do. Steve Maxwell is the man..
  7. Will do.
  8. Wow - long day for kettlebell. You have my cell, right? Give me a call if you want to meet up after. That's about 8 miles from me
  9. It is from 9-5:30ish sunday. I want the certification because I am training people.
  10. That's around the corner from my work. I do kettlebells at the house.

    What time will you be there? My guys have soccer Sunday, but depending on the time, maybe we can meet for a beer
  11. Cl,
    Going the be in Philly on Sunday for a k-bell certification class at Maxercise. 9/21
  12. I am in Middletown. Thx for the help.
  13. Mark, what town are you in? NJ has some good schools, I think Cranford has the best one off the top of my head, but I can look into others.

    My guys will be doing soccer too, and judo, but I'd like them to practice wrestling this fall too. Except for the tournaments, they haven't really gotten to practice with good kids their age
  14. Thanks for the beer. Fortunately for my family, my drinking days are over. My guys start football tonight Aug 1st, so we are not going to Brick. Bummed we couldn't hook up. We have to find a tournament during the season to meet this winter. Trying to find a judo school in my area has proved to be difficult. Any suggestions? I know you are in Philly, but any guidance for monmouth county schools that you know of would be great.
  15. Yes, they encourage the Dads to go out on the mat. It is all voluntary. If you want to watch you can. I got to roll with Baker and assistant coach Scott Owen. Both studs. Only drilling for about 10-15 minutes, but it was great.
  16. you wrestled there too? Very cool. I went to Hammonton Saturday (closest tournament). Hopefully my boys will be practicing at Jason Morris judo this week
  17. Just got back from Father/Son wrestling camp at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. Man, it was totally worth the trip. Great instruction and the Naval Academy is amazing. Got to roll around with AA Joe Baker from the Navy team. I held my own, but thanked him for taking it easy on me. You have 3 young guys, it is great for them. I am taking both my boys next year. Going to be in LBI this week 7/21-24.
  18. Toms River was awful yesterday. Based on that we blew off the beach tournament today. Just hanging poolside.. When is Southern?
  19. Nice. Give you and the family major props for heading to the shore on 4th of July weekend. We are doing a beach tournament next weekend in Belmar. You?
  20. Pretty cool - I posted a picture of my oldest son doing a judo throw in his match. Look in the Adolf thread. My wife went with me, so I took pictures (she used the video camera).

    Are you on facebook - posted some others of them if youare
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