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    Went to alma mater yesterday saw Nelson he told me to tell you you were a bitch
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    Thank you , kind sir.
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    to Quads count in scoring as they are basically just 4 duals ?
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    What did you think about Perry -IU-beating Be bennet ? I , personally ,was shocked cause in my book Perry is a nutcase . I need to figure out what to do at 174 -Lucas is ranked higher but with Brennar coming down from 84 he seems to be the better choice .Tried working a trade and Gold offered me Johnstone -Johnstone sucks -whty would I give up a #5 seed 174 for a 15th seed 157 ? Honeycutt is hurt so I'll probably have to fft 184 unless I can find a decent one -thought about Bresslar from Oregon state but Zalesky pissed me off-might go with Chance Litton -the usual 174 WVa going up to 84 -I'm going to wait and see cause after the shit start I had the team isn't thaT BAD .3-4 REDSHIRTS , 1 QUIT and Brennar is cutting down -none of them are going to beat Pucillo or Herbert but at least they could score me some points -Lucas and stewart got me about 30 last week.
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    Good stuff in the Ten Best/Worst thread- you're even fun to argue with! lol
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    When do you think the last time -if ever -Welch had been stuck ?
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    Why do they keep redshirting my sleeper freshman -Mangrum is GREAT-Zalesky refuses to wrestle freshman -he went 0-15 at 133 last year rather than wrestle Kubec-who won a bunch of matches as a redshirt .
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    I checked out that Herman kid and seems he made it to the show a few years ago then got off into MMA-don't know anything else , why would Goldman spend so much time with him ? On the Trackwrestling site they say Everhart weighed in at 237.5-alot of weight to put on in 8 months . Cookie weighed 284.8, that damn .2 is killing him-probably has his plastics out running and taking pisspills , the works .
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    Talk about no respect -the kid goes out and wins the MSU open and sticks uperstar freshman along the way and what does he get -CUT from his fantasy team-no trade talks just put on waivers -I hope Kurt doesn't visit this site -that would depress the hell out of me . Kinda like when Aaron Boone homered to win the world series then gets traded to ????????
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    you just going to let Kinser sit there ? I'm about to stroke out -y didn't he trade with me ?
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    As this is my first time with a fantasy league I was wondering if you could explain the scoring a bit clearer -as yesterday -how many points did I receive for Precin ? I know he had a fall , a major , a decision and a 2nd place -would I score that the same as a regular high school tournament ?
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    Who is Herman ? he's not even on the roster -and before you mark up my last waiver transaction I'll trade you Alton Lucas for Kilgore .
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    I thought Walpole had used his redshirt but I was wrong as usual-seems like he has been there forever though , doesn't it ? Everhart's second place may be portentious as he was 5-10 last season-perhaps all his injuries are behind him . Those GH kids seem to be adjusting well-saw Ramos took 3rd-Kinser is just unbelievable -he'll get that pin record this year.
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    I asked Zapp the same question-when Cocuzzo announced he was quitting for personal reasons on the Edinboro website it forced me to drop him and use a much needed waiver -it is of my opinion that I should be able to pick him back up w/out penalty and get my waiver back .If he were injured or the quiting was a rumor I would calmly accept it but this sucks -had I wrestled him this week how many points would I have received ? No one else picked him up since he was not wrestling so I feel I should get him back and a waiver .
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    At the MSU -who you like at 141 and 157? Hernandez and coughlin ? I cannot cheer against angel so if he and Precin are in the finals -F Precin-I really think everhart might make some noise this year -he weighs about 240.If kuhn makes 197he'll beat malone -realy , 157 is just ridiculous . By the way -who keeps track of the score ?
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    Champ Here is my line ups for 11/1 to 11/7
    Accboy's Hard Brick breakers lineup
    125- E Morrill - Findlay,Army UMD
    149- E Medina-Findlay,Army,Edinboro
    197- H Taylor " " "
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    Thanks -I am glad i held on to him then -Fag won't do anything anyway and the 13 lber I picked up has a good pedigree -plusout west he canprobably score alot more points than any other 13 i could find -at the best of the west he lost to fish 2-0 and smeone else by a coupla points -Hochstater i beleve -he placed 3rd at the FILA junior nationals -Mangrum is going 141 instead of 49 cause that Barnes kid is there -was thinking of picking up Mario Mason but he wrestles for Minnesota -what's going to happen when al these kids aren't in the weight classes they're listed in -like your 157 lber -hes at 65 .?
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    I kept Graff cause someone said they may revoke his redshirt status -otherwise I'll lose him later -do you know if they redshirt him can they change their minds later ? If not, he's useless as tits on a boar .
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    I'll drop oliver. Thanks
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    Howe seemed almost cocky on that Flowrestling blurb-the kid is as good as I've seen that's why he and Wright and stewart are my 165'ers Young looked great -but I needed a 49 lber -Ortega damn near lost to one of those glen hubbard kids -I don't see him winning a match in the big 10-maybe Purdue-saw on the board you didn't know who Shrewsbury was -I'd mentioned him on here a coupla times -the kid's an animalbut 'they' say he can't make 189 again -all state football and state runner -up at 189 last year , I think .
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