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    yea you did but someone went back and erased that thread about DCocowhatever -it's ok though -I never thought Brtennar would be such a pussy at 174 -when Perry stuck him I damn near went through my computer screen -I kept saying to myself that he won't fall for Perry's headlock and I swear to god 5 seconds later the fag was counting lights . He and Jarequi -I was hoping the plane crashed on the way home from CK.
    This fantasy stuff isn't real wrestling in my book -some tourneys count , some don't -yet they're all scored as dual meets ? BS-
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    CK-you remember when you said I'd get a free pick for Daryl Calacuzzo quitting -I used my last waiver the other day on Orozco-I was wondering if that offer still stood or if you'd let me drop Jarequi and pick up a back up 74 lber ?
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    I was really bored today so I sat down and figured up if I had taken all IU guys on my fantasy team -w/out Angel-I'd have 451 points .Powless would have scored me more points at 197 than Todd has
    Hwt -35
    this is silly -Zapp doesn't count fft 's and on one occasion I showed him 4 sites where Stewart won 10-2 but he went with Scorebook at intermat -2-0-this fantasy isn't fun w/out scoring tournaments the way they should be scored -I have 138 points from tournamentds that didn't count-if you score them as duals count them all I say .
    Live and learn -you've done a wonderful job on the Indiana board , I've posted there several times -did you see the one where I mentioned Steve Dum and him being coached by Dullaghan ? Dick is a great guy and would excel at anything .
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    How ya doin' ? Just wondering if the crowd mobbed you and ran you out of town or tarred and feathered you -if you don't mind my asking , who were the teams -I'm not a stalker or anything just might be familiar with some or the programs . How does Patascil get majored by Yates then win 3rd place ?
    Just checking to se if you were ok.
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    Those are great ideas. With your encyclopedia-like knowledge, I think we could make some good stuff.
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    I checked it out, but I couldn't figure out how to use the messageboard.
    You're damn right I'll write for your site. Give me some topics/subjects, and I'll get started.
    Thanks for the compliment, too. Let's get this b!tch rolling.
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    site finally came up but wouldn't register me .
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    I tried and couldn't get the site to come up .
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    Depending on how well I knew the coaches and wrestlers I'd DG myself from certain matches just because of the appearance of impropriety . I'd like to think I was a good enough ref to be objective but on the first tight call I heard it from everyone .
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    I looked at Rider's roster and Umbrehauer wasn't on it -e-mailed the A.D. and he was kind enough to say that Umbehauer is supposed to return to the team on 12/20-no guarantees -I wish I'd known that Sunday . Now I don't have a 184 at CK.
    The surgeon said there was a fissure and wanted to operate to try and meld the bone and Graft back together --So I asked him by ''fissure do you mean a crack ?'' and he said yes -I asked him about the procedure and it would entail 3 hours of surgery with no guarantee of succes -remove my arm -the whole thing -I said what if I leave it alone ? and he says there is a possibilty it could fracture -so what -it doesn't hurt very much and they are going to have to redo it in 10 years anyway -So i passed -he wasn't happy as I am trial subject in an experimental procedure -but damn -they have opened my shoulder wide open 2 x's in the last 4 years , enough 's enough.
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    Hey Champ!
    I would like to waive E Medina and draft Trevor chin @ 149
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    I try very hard -well, sometimes I try , to get along with everyone -but that Indiana wrestling site has some short bus people posting there -90% of them actually believe Paul Young will make it to the podium in March . As what ? They nalso think Walpole is the answer at 149 -I saw a picture of Nick the other day and didn't recognize him -he was a walking ball of muscle at PM -like his dad and brother -he looked like he was about to starve to death -I think Kinser will walk if Goldman tries to make him get down to 49 . I'd rather have Ryan Konz at 149 than Walpole -at least he improves little by little -sorry to bother you about this al the time but I have too much time on my hands and go back to the surgeon Wednesday and he's gonna tell me the graft cracked -
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    Do you remember that thread I started about wrestle-offs and how Pelton beat Kekky last year and Goldman wouldn't let him wrestle ? Just saw where Pelton is at Notre Dame collece and wrestling 149 and doing pretty well-some guy on the Indy high school site -cadet 130-said the guy was a loser and had guit to go home and live with his dad . Getting so you don't know what to believe anymore -that's why I put my name on my posts -you want to know me just google your heart out .
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    Man, I am pissed -Indianapolis sent more wrestlers to Mizzou than IU did-open -141 Kelly49-Walpole184 Powless 174 Avery -that's it !!!!
    Ramos has already asked to transfer and he's in the semi's -as are Malone and Cook-I am about to trade every frigging IU guy I have .Goldman is a bitch .
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    you have a zillion picks left -you ought to pick up Paul Young and wrestle him against those puds on IU's schedule -The Hoosier duals -ha -never knew those schools existed much less wrestled -he could easily pick you up 30-40 points as a part time back up.
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    If shithead redshirts Howe I'm thinking about picking up that humongous kid from Stanford -the one who beat Shirley at the Cowboy open -that is a HUGE 165 lber .
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    had to fix it I'm retarded
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    I want a t-shirt that says going to state off to state 'cause i'm crazy_trained
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    Roughnecks middle weights 41-65 should be set for a few years
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