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  1. Hey where's this pic from Vegas you were gonna send me??
  2. I know. I can't help it. We both can't. He is beyond moronic.

    By the way, we didn't get many good covert pics this time (not as many opportunities) but I do have one I am going to send your way.

    Okay, I feel better now.

    Why do we bother to keep trying to make Big see a rational perspective???
  4. Bah! I haven't been on here in like a week and missed your message. but, I mean... as IF you really had to ask who the request(s) would be for???
  5. Tricia and I are in Vegas, and we do have our camera. Any requests?
  6. ha ha I know. I've missed being on here the last couple of weeks. I don't like being busy! ha!
  7. We're like a comedy team!
  8. Hmm. Duroe has a crush on Schwab too?
  9. By the way, did you see the comment that Jim/GG121and2 made on my post about Mike Zadick?

  10. ha ha. So you'd balance each other out!

    And yes, I gave Danielle enough info so she could figure it out.

    And don't worry, you haven't seen the last of the boo-tay avatar. It will return.
  11. See, this is why my crush on him is so odd. I am about as city as a gal can get!

    Did you tell DH the secret identity of the boo-tay?
  12. I see you were asking about the Adam Frey banner -- the direct links to the images (I have two different sizes depending on which works best for your site) is 500x80 is 375x60
  13. ha ha, anytime. What a jerk.
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