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  1. Blue stater ,
    Sorry it took so long to reply but after the DOS attack all kinds of messages ''popped up'' from no-where . I agree about most of what you say just when you are home bound -as I am -you get bored and this (fantasy) helps kill the time .Other coaches replied honestly or just told me to F off -which I can understand .
    One thing ,You dinged me with the red ball one time for a sincere farewell to Annika Sorenson -a female golfer whom I respect greatly-at the time you said I should not differentiate because she was female -I disagree on that point as the women play a shorter course and par is usually 2 strokes lower than men . I am sorry the comment disturbed you but I assure you I meant no disrespect . Steffi Graf was my favorite female tennis player but I feel I must qualify her as a female as if she were to play her husband ,Andre Agassi, she would lose in straight sets . These are points we will never agree upon but no disrespect was intended on my part .
    Take care .RP
  2. Bluestater,
    I was the guy who said I hope Askren goes 2 and BBQ-I wrote his coach and he said he was fine -no injuries -then why does he wrestle every 4th match ?? I have nothing against Max and have him on my fantasy team -just VERY frustrated . If he is injured why didn't Smith let me know ? I'd heard he had a bad back but Smith told me he was fine -I knew he wasn't wrestling tonight as Smith gave me a list of the matches Max will wrestle -I just think this is horrible for wrestling -If you say he is a nice guy and not a selfish person then I'll take your word and apologize for my remarks -I just DO not understand why he has only wrestled 11 matches with one being an all-star match.
  3. It's a little of both. I think he also really enjoys passing judgment from an ivory tower.
  4. I was wondering when you were going to chime in on Big's post . do you think he needs attention so badly he just types these wild , outlandish posts for attention ? Or is he just an idiot.
  5. That's fine, I had no intention of fighting you, but just realize that you should respect her as an athlete. There is no reason to say "female athlete." It's along the same lines of pointing out that Donovan McNabb is a great black quarterback.
  6. Hey -Look , I don't want to fight -I was paying her a compliment -I like very few professional athletes of either gender . Annika was just so much better than her compatriots and handled herself with such class and decency .
    In pro sports I like maybe a handful of people -Peyton Manning , Jim Thome ,Steve Nash,-I think most of them are either thugs or whiney ass millionaires . Annnika is a class act ,as is Mia Hamm . No disrespect intended .
  7. Jeez, I didn't know you spoke for all woman hood-good to know
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