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    Nay -your 165 had a great day so you might as well keep him -I'm still ready to give you Massey for Garnett -Hwt is your weakest link and Massey will win the big 10 and you won't be using Garnett as you have Nickerson -who won the Ncaa's a few years ago -this will put you over the top .
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    Nay -after this week -meaning this line up Zapp is goiung to prevent people like me from trading his good wrestlers to his friends -so if you want to do something it will have to be by Saturday night /Sunday morning -I can trade you Massey , the 6th ranked hwt and Roger Smith Bergtrund for your back up 125 and your 165 lber -your hwt sucks -and Brown is unranked -RSB from Ill is ranked 15th-he was higher but he wrestled hurt and lost 2 matches by a point or so-Nickerson is going to win the NCAA's -he is ranked 3rd so you don't need Garett anymore -Massey is an AA and will win the big 10 .You do not need another 197 -stay with Taylor and Jones -but if you want a better one I will throw in Byers #6 ranked -I won't make the top 6 but this will get you there -here is the final deal-I give you Massey -hwt-Smith Bergstrum -165-Illinois for Garrett 125 -and Brown -165 ODU-
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    While you are on -who or what will you give up for Halsey or a better 149 or 84 ? I haven't forgotten you but until I know these things I can't get to work for you .
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    Just PM me what your roster is supposed to look like.
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    Until you tell me who you want I can't go get him -who are you willing to give up ? you have more pressing needs than 197 -your 165 is unranked and Chinn just lost to Jarequi -my back up 149-you're 184 is overrated -I need to know who you want so I can go and get him -who will you give up for Chriswell or Halsey ? I'm in touch with people but am stuck til you tell me who you want .
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    I can get you Halsey-who I traded -but you'll have to come off Garnetti and I can get you Chriswell-but you'll have to trade Winston or Garnetti-which 97 do you want ? Either way you'll be getting a great 97 pounder for a reserve 25 or 57 lber .
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    @ things -who do you want at 197 and who are you going to wrestle at 125 -I know Garnett is your friend but Nickerson won the tournament 2 years ago-let me know the answer to these questions and I can get to work with my contacts -Did you get the message I sent you about 97 lbers ?? If we're going to do this we have to do it quick and if I PM you about maybe having the guy you want -you have to get back with me soon .
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    Nay- what you want to do at 97 ? If you want I can get you a deal for one of your 125 lbers -now that Nickerson is back you won't really need your Va Tech kid -let me know soon as I'm burning up my modem trying to make the top 6 -Or I can get you Halsey for Nickerson if you want .
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    Nay, Here are the top 20 197 lbers in order -each one is taken :
    1-Brester 2-Todd-3-Herbst-4-Varner- 5-Halsey-6-Askren-7-Foster-8-Anderson-9-Byers ,10 -Taylor-11-Lapotsky-12-Oplinger-13-Drury-14-Starks-15-Strawn-16-Brown-17-Cimaz-18-Jones -19-Fagiano-20-Feist-

    As I said each and every one of these have been taken -I pulled a trade and got that HWT but I feel as if I owe you for all you've done for me so if you want Halsey for Jones -he's yours . Or if you want to trade Taylor for Halsey-whatever you want to do just let me know before next line up.
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    I'll give you Halsey #5 for Jones #16 if that will make you feel better about your 197 lber .
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    Brester, Todd, Varner ,and Herbst are the 4 guys ahead of Halsey -the next 14 are taken by other players -I have no chance ffting hwt for 2 weeks so I'll give you the #5-6 in the nation at 197 for Jones -#16-and if you want -instead of Trotman I can give you McLemore -last years MAC champion at 141 .You will be getting the best 197 available and a MAC champion for a #16 ranked 197 lber and the #25 Hwt .
    I am offering you this first as a token for all you've done for me -if i haven't heard back soon I'll have to trade with someone else -or let me check when you're hwt wrestles and we might just trade heavies and 97 lbers. My HWT is 5th in the nation .
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    This is the best you can do-the rest -I mean 1-15 are taken . I'm doing this out of friendship.
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    I'll give you Brandon Halsey and Trotman for Brent Jones and Marone -Halsey is ranked 6-7th in the nation and as good as you'll get -how's that sound -that way you have the East and West Coast covered . Or I'll take hudson Taylor if you want to keep Jones -your call-I need to do this before the lineups tomorrow .
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    Nay -I need one more draft pick-I'll give you your choice of Austin Trotman 15th ranked 174 lber or The 197 pounder I have who cut down to 184 - Riley Orozco-he just majored a guy last night and would be a good back up or full time if Jones doesn't get his act together- both or either would be back ups for you but the kid I want isn't very good he just has a lot of matches while my Hwt is off -if I get this kid I won't fft heavy for 2 weeks like I'm about to and hopefully it'll put me over the top and if not i'll send you my heavy for the tournament -he's a returning AA-the guy is an over weight 197 wrestling heavy but he is decent and might win a few -let me know . His name is Marone from Va Tech . He is ranked 25th or so but I only need him for a few matches . PLEASE .
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    Marble ran into mitcheff -the guy that's gonna win the MAC conference but came back with a nice win and that 97 lber got you a fall and a win Chinn got you 2 wins -6,9,3 and 3 for the day -you outscored me again but I only had 2 guys wrestling -picking up Jones at 97 might keep everyone from closing in on you -I almost picked him at the first of the year -they call him the big RED MACHINE because of his red hair -he was predicted to have won a title by now but lost in the ACC last year 15-14 for 4th place . Big old corn fed boy .
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    thanks roadie -Kinser is a great wrestler and Hernandez was a former AA-I hope Acordino can get me some points -but not counting on it -you should win with the team you have but after I'm officially eliminated I'll send you the missing pieces -Precin and Massey -Precin you won't need if Nickerson comes back but you need a better Heavy and Massey is ranked 6th.
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    I'm trading you Kinser and Hernandez for Bonnilla- bowman and Accordino from Hofstra -that way I am done with all my IU guys -you are getting a 10th ranked wrestler in the nation Kinser-and 19th-Hernandez -you'll have to drop the one guy when you pick up Accordino from Hofstra -I'll alert Zapp about the trade -i'll tell him both names so please make sure you get Accordino off the waiver list -Hernandez got 7th in the nation 2 years ago-I just hate the IU coach and Kinser is 10-2 and pinned 17 guys last year .
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    I could trade you Kurt Kinser -10th ranked at 157 for JBB-hofstra 19th ranked and then if you would get me Kruger-CMU- off waivers I'd give you Hernandez and ranked 19th-I just hate the IU coach -that is where i went to college and he ruins kids -you might want to keep Hernandez as Molinaro only has 8 matches left and they are all in the big 10 -he'll maybe win 3 of those -you have Joe C. back at 141 so you are set there and Kinser could be your second string 57 lber -I imagine you'll be wrestling Burroughs the rest of the year -This would help me and can't hurt you I have an e-mail I can forward you where the Asst AD says Kinser will soon return from a minor injury -that means Big 10 season -if you need proof that I'm being honest .
    I need a 141 pounder and I need to get rid of all my IU guys and this wil do it -Hernandez has a quad coming up the 18th against a bunch of puds so you could wrestle him there .
    I'd appreciate this alot.
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    Nay-for me to have any chance I need you to get Eric Kruger from Central Michigan for me and i'll give you Andre Hernandez -141 -IU a former AA . He's 12-4 -forget it -you'd have to drop someone -it's not worth it -thanks .
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    Nay-CONGRATS on breaking the top 6 -you keep moving up -I'm tired of trading and pulling strings and then not having 2 guys show up for tournaments -look at my points from last week-my 157 is ranked 10th in the nation and 174 is ranked 15th and they just didn't show up-unless i have a huge week this week I have no chance -I'm really happy for you and whatever I can do for you just holler . Russ
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