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    nay , thanks for the gift lil roro-but you have Brown already -does that mean you want to trade me Brown for Stewart or Mueller for Stewart or you want to draft Mueller and keep him ? I can get you Conner Beebe who should win the MAC-in fact -I already did trade for him because I knew you needed an upgrade . I really don't know what you want to do here -you want to trade me your 65 lber -Brown -for mine -Stewart-and then Draft Mueller for yourself or draft Mueller and keep him ? I am confused -as for Beebe -whatever .
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    Nay-I don't want you thinking i'm trying to profit off of you so you tell me who you want and I'll put the word out -you have a ton of 57 lbers , i think -Kinser ,Winston and Burroughs -that and 33 are the LOADED weight classes this year -I can try to move Winston or Kinser for you for a better 33 marble is good but with Baker back ??? I can get you Conner Beebe for Kinser or Winston-Beebe beat Marble earlier -are you going to keep your 65 pounder or go for Mueller ? I am so sure of Mueller I'll send you my 165 for him -I wouldn't flex Winston at the Nationals I'd flex Jones -too much talent at 157 -I have the #4+6 at 157 and thinkig of only wrestling one .
    Having your brother fall out kinda put everything in perspective -the only thing you can EVER count on in this world is FAMILY-everyone else is a stranger .
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    who you want at 33 and I'll see if I can get him through a trade that won't cost you much -Marble was a shoo in to win his conference after Baker got hurt but that ass came back -Ness was ranked 5th -I traded him for the 8th seed who is NOT in the big 10-Ness still has to wrestle Kennedy and Dennis and Fanthorpe -he's never beaten any of those 3 -so I traded for the #1 guy in the ACC. AT 133 the first 7 guys -6 are in the big 10. So I traded for #8.Give me a list of who you have on your roster and I'll see what I can do-who do you want ? Your 184 has dropped all the way down to 11th ,197 10th,165 14th-where you want to start ?
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    I already traded Ness for the #8 ranked guy but the guy will win the ACC -Bell out of Maryland -everyone bitched about it but I know what I am doing -you NEED a better 33 and a better 165 -Brown is like my guy -decent but...they dropped Nickerson to #4 in the rankings -I could give you Sentes and Bell for Nickerson and #7 125 and #8 133-Donahoe is ging to win 125 -or I could ???? You tell me .

    I am so glad your brother is gonna be ok -I was worried about you-glad you got my message about Tatlor -Jones barely beat Bruce and Byers -i thought he mught lose to Byers -Jones has Drury coming up and he has never beaten Drury .
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    let me know what is going on ...I thought we were tight -I worry too ,man .
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    I truly hope your brother's injury is minor -I KNOW he is a tough individual but if it comes down to finishing the season or taking time off -Tell him to take the time off -I was injured and played through it in baseball and football until my shoulder popped out wrestling -now I am 51 and had my rt. shoulder recently replaced and facing a knee replacement -I also cut so much weight in hgh school and college my thyroid doesn't work--HOPEFULLY this is something minor and DC will be back on the mat in no time -you take care lil roadie -tell DC he is in my thoughts .
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    Who would you give me for Ness ? You'd have to make it look good .
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    I really don't know about DeShazer -he's ranked 4th in his conference and he wrestles only 2 matches before conferences -Why don't you pick up Mueller for yourself -he is rated #1 in the ACC at 165 and has 6 matches left .The kid is tougher than nails and his record is 26 -4 -your 165 now -Brown -only has 4 matches -on days they wrestle together use one as your flex . If I were you I'd wrestle Mueller instead of Brown in the conferences -then if he chokes you can always wrestle Brown .
    Let me know if you are getting these because I don't want you to trip up so close to home .
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    I don't know about this one -he is out of the MAC conference -wrestled 141 last year -he is 18-6 with 15 pins -I can't guarantee anything -he is a about the same build as your brother but at 133 -Tristen DeShazer --one of his losses was a DSQ for a body slam -he's an animal but the MAC is loaded at 33 -he just stuck last years champion last week -look him up and YOU decide -Northern Illinois -trying to get you as good a team as I can .
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    You fired up ? We gonna turn this motha out !!!!
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    If you can't do that Mueller pick up , no sweat -But time to flip the script on your line up-bench Jones from VA and go with Taylor from Maryland -I should have got this to you earlier but I been busy -the next line up you need to drop Jones and put in Taylor -now this is a difficult decision but Taylor is a better wrestler -he'll have one tough match then he should win out -including the ACC tourney -Jones might have some problems this week but you had no choice as Maryland wasn't wrestling .
    This should take you home .
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    I see you are rolling -good job lil brother ....
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    I was wondering if you could draft me a 165 lber -Keegan Mueller from North Carolina ? I could send you Scott Glasser from Minnesota in return -Glasser has 4 more matches than Brown -I just need Mueller for a couple of matches so I do not have to fft -I am so shitty -Arizona State has 7 133 lbers and they fft'd to Ness -I was expecting 6 points and I get 0.
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    You set ? I've traded so uch I don't know what day it is -My heavy sucks but I picked up a quality 155 -Poeta for 2 ranked guys but he is second in the nation -People are getting mad at me for scoring points that week-I didn't cheat or anything and I thought I was finished -still may be -but I work hard and study the schedules and the number of matches and all that -remember what I told you when you were going to wrestle Burroughs and I had you wrestle Bonilla bowman instead -it doesn't matter the guys ranking if he isn't wrestling . I think Bowman got you 20 points that week.
    Good luck -I am fried .
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    Look at last weeks points for me and Jarequi got me 11 a pin and a tech -he pinned Cheeza , the 19th ranked 149 from MSU -here are his remaining matches -
    1/31 Lock Haven 2/7 Pitt 2/14 Ohio 2/20+ 22-Cleveland state and Edinboro-thanks lil' roadie .
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    I went ahead and posted the trade and informed Zapp-we have to do this quickly as the draft trades deadline is coming up .If I wrestle him in my line up next week -like I plan to do -I could get kicked out of the league if you haven't picked him up .
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    That is Heinrich Barnes from Oregon State - 149-
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    No problem about the gift -you're a fighting SOB-I give credit where credit is due .
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    Nay -I need a favor -I'll give you my 149 lber -Jarequi-who has already beaten Chinn if you will pick me up Heinrich Barnes from Oregon state . Think of it as a counter favor for giving you the Big 10 champion hwt . Please .
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    HE's yours -you can put him i n your line up this week if you want .
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