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Thread: Top 5 Recruits for next year

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    Default Top 5 Recruits for next year

    Just interested to see what you guys think. I thought this year was kind of a lean year, at least in comparison with the two years previous. There were no clearly defined top of the heap guys, but instead just a dozen or so, very, very good guys.

    I can't really put these in order, as I've only seen one guy more than once or twice.

    - Alex Meade DE
    - Mario Mason NJ
    - Jason Welch CA
    - Jordan Oliver PA
    - Scott Winston NJ

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    Scott Winston may be the best to come out of New Jersey yet. Undefeated for 3 years, but only a 2x state champ because he broke a bone just before the tornament his freshman year.

    All I can say is he is a wicked, wicked, wicked wrestler.

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    I think those are probably the top five guys. My order is:

    1. Jason Welch
    2. Scott Winston
    3. Mario Mason
    4. Alex Meade
    5. Jordan Oliver (I know there have been questions about his size)

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    Another five to watch would be:

    Tyler Graff, Brian Roddy, Jordan Blanton, Quentin Wright, and Trevor Melde.

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    I don't know about Oliver being small, I watched his matches on Flo and he seemed like a nice sized 119, if he can step up and go say 130 next year, or even just 125 he'll be a nice size for a college 125, and plus career 125's aren't always easy to find. Welch is apparently definitely going 171, and then I could see Mason, Meade, and Winston all stepping up a weight to 145, 152, and 160 respectively.

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    Yeah I wouldn't say he will be too small, just one of the knocks I've heard before.

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    Tyler Graff I believe will set himself apart from the rest of the class this year. I have never seen a kid that was as strong as he is and as technicly sound at that weight. I cant wait to see how he does at the US open and fargo this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgallan View Post
    One more note..... check out that bracket at Fargo that had Graff take second, and the wrestlers who placed behind them. You will be shocked (again - as you obviously have short memories).
    Personally, I'd say Mike Mangrum would probably be in the top ten, I didn't list him just because he's already verbaled with Oregon State.

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    Ok how about this (committed or not)

    1. Jason Welch
    2. Scott Winston
    3. Mario Mason
    4. Alex Meade
    5. Jordan Oliver
    6. Michael Mangrum
    7. Jake Deitchler
    8. Tyler Graff
    9. Quentin Wright
    10. Trevor Melde
    11. Johnny Koepp
    12. Hunter Collins
    13. Jordan Blanton
    14. Walt Peppleman
    15. Dan White

    Edit: I need to put Brian Roddy in there somewhere too...
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