The Overtime School of Wrestling in IL did a dual meet this weekend as part of a foreign exchange with Bulgaria. There were a lot of Bulgarian Junior National Champs and All-Bulgarians vs some Junior national champs and AAs from Fargo so it was awesome.

Here are the pictures I took:

And here are the results:

Team Overtime won 11 of 17 matches against Beroe Wrestling Club on Friday at Neuqua Valley High School.
Greco-Roman - Stoyan Shterev (B) defeated Jake Schramm (TO)
Greco-Roman - Dimcho Dimchev (B) defeated Ryan Garringer (TO)
Freestyle - Max Nowry (TO) defeated Leon Suhov (B)
Freestyle - Mitko Asenov (B) defeated Edwin Cooper (TO)
Freestyle - Matt Cavallaris (TO) defeated Milko Giev (B)
Freestyle - Konstantin Stoyanov (B) defeated Cameron Halsted (TO)
Freestyle - Jon Morrison (TO) defeated Petyo Petkov (B)
Freestyle - Andrew Howe (TO) defeated Nikolay Stanchev (B)
Greco-Roman - Blagovest Georgiev (B) defeated Alex Cizek (TO)
Greco-Roman - Dimcho Dimchev (B) defeated Ben Brooks (TO)
Freestyle - Pat Greco (TO) defeated Ivan Stoyanov (B)
Freestyle - Chris Dardanes (TO) defeated Nikolay Chochorov (B)
Freestyle - Bob Barnhisel (TO) defeated Petar Karatliev (B)
Freestyle - Joe Kielbasa (TO) defeated Daniel Ivanov (B)
Freestyle - Lee Munster (TO) defeated Kaloyan Stoyanov (B)
Freestyle - Danny Watson (TO) defeated Ivaylo Mitev (B)
Freestyle - Conrad Polz (TO) defeated Nikolay Stanchev (B)
Note: Stanchev and Dimchev each wrestled twice

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