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    I know this is opening a can of worms but I see one real undersight in these rankings and that is how low Chris Phillips is ranked at 171. I believe because of his age he is not ranked as high but people who have not seen him need to you tube or flocast his name and watch. He is unreal for a frosh at that size.

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    I've seen them all. Phillips is good, but while he won the Ironman over Roddy, there's still a lot more to accomplish. That's not a knock, but guys like Burge, Bennett, Wright, et al are proven winners and have done it their entire career. It's no shame to be ranked behind kids of that caliber.

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    I hate to say anything negative about a high school wrestler, but Ian Mclaughlin #7 at 119 is quite unrealistic. IMO he would not have even qualify for PA states if his private prep school was in the PIAA.

    On one of the few occasions which his team wrestled non-prep competition he was majored by a freshman.

    Nico Cortese finished 2nd at Sr. Nationals. He should be much higher at 119.

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    Hmm I think Mclaughlin should be in the top 10 still though. He was majored by the freshman at 125, not 119. His main selling point though is probably winning prep nationals by a 15-0 tech fall in the finals over Hunter. Plus he beat Nick Schenk and Frank Cimato in the quarters and semis there as well. Also Hunter beat Handlovic 8-7. But maybe I'm just rambling.

    EDIT: hopefully this doesn't come off as rude or personal

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