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Thread: Logan Stieber Commits to Ohio State

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    Default Logan Stieber Commits to Ohio State

    I saw this on a couple other forums, though I have not been able to find any news article about it.

    This is a HUGE pickup for OSU. If it pans out, it would seem that they would have their foot in the door for Hunter Stieber and Chris Phillips.

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber Commits to Ohio State

    Big pickup... should create a solid monroeville connection.

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber Commits to Ohio State

    Go Bucks
    Palmer, Taylor Steiber Steiber Phillips.......Dynasty

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber Commits to Ohio State


    High school superstar Logan Stieber commits early to Buckeyes
    Dan Cosimi - OhioWrestling.Net
    May 24, 2008

    I had the opportunity to interview Logan Stieber yesterday to talk about his early commitment to continue his academic and athletic careers at The Ohio State University.

    How early? Very early. Stieber hasn't yet completed his sophomore year of high school. He has half of his high school career left, yet he has already committed to a big-time university. In the sport of wrestling, this very rarely happens - if ever. It is a testament to his ability and the faith the Stiebers have in the quality of the Buckeye wrestling staff and program.

    As a Buckeye fan, I couldn't be happier.

    So what made Stieber choose Ohio State? It's simple. He's an Ohioan born and raised. He has watched and cheered for the Buckeyes since he was a kid. When Jim Tressel led us to the national championship in football, Stieber was watching. When Tommy Rowlands won two NCAA championships, Stieber was watching. When J.D. Bergman did his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression on national television and he, Jaggers, and Pucillo wrestled in the national championship this year, Stieber was watching. And, whether it was conscious or subconscious, he was making his decision.

    Simply put, Stieber said "wrestling for the Buckeyes is fulfilling a dream I've had since I was a kid."

    I asked Stieber about his goals. His response was, "to keep improving each match." That's exactly what a coach wants to hear. He added, "to win two state titles as a team for Monroeville High School." His college goals are similar. Obviously his personal goal is to win a national championship, but he wants to lead the Buckeyes to a national championship as a team as well.

    When I asked him if part of the reason for him committing so early was to help the Buckeyes reel in superstars David Taylor and Collin Palmer (possibly the #1 and #2 recruits in the nation this year), his answer was ambiguous. "Maybe a little bit. I've known David for a long time and we're good friends. I'd love to have him and Collin on the team with me. That would be awesome. That wasn't the reason for my decision, though. Ohio State was a great fit and I'm glad to have the recruiting process done already so I can just focus on wrestling the rest of my career and not have that extra pressure."

    If Taylor and Palmer were to join Stieber on the future Buckeye squad, they would have an excellent chance to make history and become the first national championship team in the history of Ohio State wrestling. Stieber is excited for that opportunity and I'm sure it's crossed the minds of Taylor and Palmer more than once.

    I asked if lightweight guru and USAW Freestyle Coach of the Year Lou Rosselli was a big factor in him coming to Ohio State. "Yes. I see [Reece] Humphrey just beat [Franklin] Gomez today. They're having a lot of success. I haven't talked to Coach Rosselli in person yet but I know he was the Freestyle Coach of the Year and all that so it's exciting."

    When I asked what weight class he projects himself to wrestle at in college, he wasn't sure. "I'll be at 133 or 141. I'll probably wrestle at 125 this coming year and I'll keep getting bigger. We'll see." I asked what he thinks about his brother, Hunter, and David Taylor being around his weight and what might happen if they're all Buckeyes. He said he thinks that since Hunter is taller, he'll fill out more and could be come a 149. He said that David Taylor walks around at about 130 right now, so if he keeps getting taller and fills out, he could be at 141 as well. It's getting less likely that Taylor will be at 125 in college. Taylor wrestled at 121 this weekend at the Junior World Team qualifier.

    There are plenty of reasons to be impressed with Stieber's wrestling. Still, perhaps what impressed me most about Stieber was the fact that at the end of a very good interview, he made it a point to mention to me that he carries a 3.8 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society at Monroeville High School.

    Stieber will graduate as the one of the most successful wrestlers in Ohio high school history. Of course the debate of "the best ever" will always be argued. Based on what he's accomplished so far, it appears he is destined to be in that select group of our state's best of all-time.

    In only two years of wrestling on Monroeville's varsity squad, he's dominated almost every event he's entered. He has already won two state championships and he's never even gone the full six minutes at the state tournament. His eight matches at the Schott have resulted in five first-period pins (0:22, 0:39, 1:30, 1:44, 1:45) and three technical falls (17-1, 18-3, and 20-5) - and that's just what he's done as a freshman and a sophomore.

    This spring he reached new heights for a high schooler as he not only won the FILA Junior Freestyle national championship at 121 pounds, but was named the outstanding wrestler of the tournament - a tournament in which at least 95% of the competitors were already wrestling at the collegiate level. To win there, he defeated NCAA national qualifier Tyler Clark from Iowa State and last year's NHSCA Senior National champion and national #1 ranked 119 pounder Zach Sanders from Minnesota.

    When I asked Stieber about the match against Sanders, he said it was a battle of strategy and tactics, like a chess match. It was not necessarily defensive, but in matches with wrestlers at that high of a level, one must always be in good position.

    He said his goal was to get one takedown and one turn. In the first period, he got a late takedown to win 1-0. In the second period he worked hard to turn Sanders but couldn't. They went into the clinch and Stieber got the takedown and won the match 1-0, 1-0.

    Stieber says he likes both folkstyle and freestyle, but prefers freestyle a little more because of the faster action and higher scoring.

    To get a commitment from a high school sophomore that beat an NCAA qualifier and a freshman who went undefeated his redshirt season, the Buckeye staff has to be on "cloud nine" right now. And here's a teaser for you: They are not done yet!

    In the spring of 2005, Stieber won the Cadet division's state freestyle title at 105 pounds with ease, which qualfied him for the USAW Cadet Freestyle national championships at the FargoDome in July against the best wrestlers in the nation. Not only did the freshman-to-be do well there, he completely decimated the field, outscoring his opponents by a combined score of 101-2.

    He didn't stop there. Last summer he won another Cadet Freestyle national title, this time at 112 pounds over fellow Ohioan Sam White. He also won the FILA Cadet Freestyle national championship, which was held in Akron.

    Stieber had nothing but praise for his coaches at his high school (Monroeville) and at his club (EBW or Erik Burnett Wrestling). He credits Ron Burnett and his sons Erik and Scott for being the most influential people on his wrestling career. Their coaching has molded him into being not only the best wrestler he can be, but the best person he can be as well. Making it a point to say they've kept him on track in the classroom as well.

    Stieber grinds out hard practices in the Monroeville room during wrestling season, but in the off-season he trains and travels with the Burnetts. His home training grounds are called "the barn." The original barn is in LaGrange (closer to Elyria, where Erik is the head coach) and the second barn is located further west in Milan, not far from Stieber's home. Stieber said he goes to each a few times per week.

    While competing for Monroeville, he's been almost perfect. He ran like a buzzsaw through the field of the Ironman - the nation's toughest tournament - this past year, with pins of 0:45, 0:32, and 5:29 before defeating four-time state placer Johnny Papesh by 10-1 major decision in the semifinals and blanking returning state champion Sam White 5-0 in the final. The only thing separating Stieber from an undefeated high school career is a loss in the Ironman championship bout his freshman year - his first varsity tournament ever - to his good friend and fellow nationally #1 ranked wrestler, David Taylor.

    Stieber has been so close to perfect that, I think I can recall off the top of my head every time he's gone the full six minutes in high school. Five: twice as a freshman (against Clark and Taylor), three times as a sophomore (against Papesh, White, and Opfer).

    I looked up dominance in the dictionary. I was not surprised to find a picture of Logan Stieber next to it.

    The Buckeye nation is seeing its dreams of a national championship come alive, one recruit at a time.

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    Default Re: Logan Stieber Commits to Ohio State


    Since the Ironman (or perhaps before), many knowledgeable wrestling observers have been of the opinion that Monroeville Sophomore Logan Stieber might just be the single most important recruit in the history of Ohio State University wrestling. Stieber’s credentials, after all, were incredible. A two-time cadet national freestyle champion, he was perhaps the most dominant competitor in the history of that tournament- or at least the most dominant since Cary Kolat. A FILA Cadet Champ twice as well, Stieber also has completely dominated the competition in folkstyle wrestling, to the tune of two state titles and an Ironman title- with only a single loss to David Taylor. This year, he was never pushed, even dominating a great field at Ironman. Of course, it was this spring that Stieber’s “stock” really rose, when he literally took his dominance to the next level and bested a field of top collegians to win the FILA Junior National Championships (20 and under) despite being only a sophomore in high school. Along the way, Stieber actually defeated both wrestlers who beat Ohio State starter Nikko Triggas- himself a ‘blue chipper” back in 2007.
    Of course, the reason that Stieber has been hailed the biggest recruit in Ohio wrestling history is that it is very foreseeable that the rest of the superb Monroeville quartet- freshman state champs Hunter Stieber, Cam Tessari and the incomparable Chris Phillips- are all likely to follow suit, almost as a “package deal.” Many are of that opinion due to the fact of how closely-knit the group- who have been training together since early in elementary school- is. Suffice it to say that no quartet of underclassmen at a single school has ever even rivaled this group in this writer’s eyes- not at St. Edward, not at Graham, and not even at the Walsh Jesuit powerhouse teams of the 1990’s. To land all four- which I realize is not a done deal- surely seems, like the beginning of a dynasty should it come to pass.
    History was not on the Buckeyes Side. “The big one who got away” has been a recurring theme over the past 20 years of Ohio State wrestling- Alan Fried, Dustin and CP Schlatter, Harry Lester, Kyle Ott, Marcus Mollica. Even Luke Fickell- hailed has the greatest heavyweight this state has ever produced by well, virtually everyone who knows the sport- went to Ohio State but wrestled just one match as he starred on the gridiron.
    But- as the saying goes- that was then, and this is now: as most of you reading this will know by now, Logan Stieber recently made many a Buckeye fan very happy by giving a verbal commitment to compete for the Ohio State University. The magic tough of Tom Ryan and his staff- fresh off a 2nd place finish at the NCAA Tournament- continues. Ohio Wrestling Site caught up with Stieber to ask him some questions while he was on his way to compete at the Central Regional Tournament in Columbus.
    Ohio Wrestling Site: Logan, I understand you have just given a “verbal commitment” to wrestle for the Ohio State University in college. What lead you to choose Ohio State?
    Stieber: Well, I’ve always loved OSU. I’ve always wanted to go there. My freshman year I went down for a few football games, and last year I did as well. My high school coach talked to Coach Ryan through email and we set up an unofficial visit. My mind was pretty much made up before that, but after talking to the coaches and seeing everything I knew that was where I wanted to be.
    OWS: What weight class do you see yourself competing at?
    Stieber: I see myself as either a 133 or 141, hopefully I can get a little taller, keep building muscle and start off at 133 then build up to 141 eventually.
    OWS: Logan, you recently won the FILA Junior (20 and under) Nationals in Las Vegas- what can you tell us about that experience?
    Stieber: It was a lot different than normal tournaments, there was a lot more strategy and handfighting. It was fun- I just had to be on top of my game the entire time as one mistake could cost me the match. I won a lot of close matches.
    OWS: Going in, did you think you would be ready to defeat these older opponents?
    Stieber: I work out with Eric Burnett and Scott Burnett, I can hold my own sometimes against them, score once in awhile, so I knew I would be able to compete. But, I didn’t go to that tournament to place or take second, I went to win.
    OWS: I understand that Eric Burnett has been a long-time coach to you. How important has his influence been to your development as a wrestler?
    Stieber: It’s been a great influence! It started with his dad, Ron Burnett, when I was younger. Once I got to the sixth-grade level, we starting working with Eric. And then Scottie started working with us and he has been a great help for both me and my brother and also for Cam Tessari. Also, I’ve worked out at summer camps with Coach (Jeff) Jordan. He has also helped me learn and take my game to the next level.
    OWS: It’s my understanding that you have yet to lose a freestyle wrestling match. Is that correct?
    Stieber: (Pauses to think) Yeah, I think so. Don’t jinx me though!
    OWS: (Laughs). Sorry, that was not my intention. What weight can we expect to see you at for Fargo this summer?
    Stieber: I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’m hoping to go 125. I’m wrestling in Columbus this weekend at the Central Regional at that weight. I’m hoping to get a little bigger so maybe I can wrestle 125 in Fargo.
    OWS: So you may go 119?
    Stieber: Yeah, there’s still a possibility of that.
    OWS: How about for next season?
    Steiber: I’m thinking 125, Cam may go either 119 or 130, he’s gotten a lot bigger. Hunter will be going 112.
    OWS: Logan,David Taylor has of course handed you the only loss of your school career. With Taylor reportedly growing, do you forsee a rematch with him at either Ironman or Fargo?
    Stieber: Ah, well right now we are about the same size, so I don’t know. If we have to wrestle, we have to wrestle. But, he’s a lot taller than me so once he starts to fill out, I think he will be a weight class or two above me, especially in college.
    OWS: Does that loss make you want a rematch with Taylor?
    Stieber: It doesn’t really occur to me. He and I are good friends, we work out together all the time, so if we had to wrestle it would be just another match. Hopefully we will be teammates in the future.
    OWS: Having accomplished so much in the last two years, what goals motivate you for the next two seasons?
    Stieber: My goal is to wrestle every match my very best, try to win every match. Try to win a state title and a team state title. I’d like to win a team title and an individual. I would like to get more of an academic scholarship. I took the ACT already- I got a 24 on it- but would like to improve on that so I can maybe get a half academic, half-athletics scholarship.
    OWS: What about beyond high school, what goals have you set?
    Stieber: I just hope to get better, wrestle every match to win, and help the Buckeyes win a national title.
    OWS: Your teammate, Chris Phillips, is the best young upperweight I have ever seen. What do you think has made him so good?
    Stieber: I think that he always worked out with us when he was smaller, and I think that helped him. He’s big, strong and moves very well. They had him wrestling a lot of high school guys before he got to high school, to push him. Sometimes, even when he looks tired, he’s still going hard, he pushes through it.
    OWS: I realize you are a long way from having to make a decision, but have you decided on an intended major at Ohio State yet?
    Stieber: Something in the medical field. I’d like to be either a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist.
    OWS: Sounds good. Best of luck this weekend in Columbus!
    Stieber: Thanks!

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    has he ever wrestled mccauley
    Success Is A Journey Not A Destination.

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    He's obviously a great young talent but the writer makes it seem like he will be the next Cael Sanderson. Time will tell but Ohio State is going to be tough for years to come.

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    great job logan you work hard
    Success Is A Journey Not A Destination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223508 View Post
    has he ever wrestled mccauley
    Not sure if they have ever wrestled. If memory serves they were in opposite brackets in last year's Fargo and McCauley fell victim to another great Ohio lightweight Sam White. White then was trounced by Steiber.

    White's a two time state finalist, beating ANOTHER of Ohio great lightweight's Jamie Clark for the title last year, but losing to him this year. Both battles went to OT.

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