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Thread: Advice on workouts to do in your bedroom

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    Advice on wrestling workouts to do in your bedroom

    I don't think its appropriate to ask a question like this on this forum.

    But if you guys don't like doing pilates workouts, I would recommend using medicine ball. Either 12 or 15 lbs. is good, but if you really want to have a tough workout, they sell a 25 lb. medicine ball too.

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    Wrestlers want to train explosively, b/c that's the way they should wrestle. Principle of specificity, "in order to improve a particular component of physical fitness, a person must emphasize that component in training."
    I don't care what style you wrestle you want explosive fibers on your side. Therefore you must look at some of the most fundamental lifts, nothing isolated like curls and such, that will make you stronger but also make you gain weight. Microtears in you muscles make them get bigger, but not necessarily stronger, nor does it make them more powerful.
    I'd say the most important style lifts are the Olympic style lifts... I think everyone can agree that jacking up a substantial amount of weight off the ground simulates wrestling well enough.
    There's more I could say, but the point would probably be moot, you all are kids prob haven't trained much more than I did a year or so ago, when I was in High School going beneath the stadium during lunch to lift, after I'd just been in there 1st period.

    Do yourself a favor, drop the dumbbell till you're ready to really gain some weight, and ask your coach for a favor.
    Your FOOTBALL coach,
    If they are one in the same all the better.

    He'll be able to show you the proper way to do an Olympic style lift-
    Free Of Charge

    That's A GOOD DEAL!!!
    Take it while it lasts,
    another four years and you'll be paying someone to teach them to you.

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