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Discuss Roll Escapes at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I was wondering what some of you guys think of some of those roll escapes ...
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    Default Roll Escapes

    I was wondering what some of you guys think of some of those roll escapes out there? Like the Granby rolls. Effective? Dangerous? Anybody out there use them on a regular basis and have a lot of succes? Any opinion is welcome.

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    Default Re: Roll Escapes

    The Granby system is definitely one of the more effective escape techniques, although if performed incorrectly it can be of a disadvantage.

    Here are 25 videos released by the Granby System of Wrestling guys:

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    Default Re: Roll Escapes

    Schlottke is correct. if performed incorrectly the granby system is a huge disadvantage. To be "deadly" with them you need to drill consistently from a number of different positions and be trained correctly. People like to use them becuase they're fun and flashy and can be high percentage but in the wrong hands it will work against you.

    When I wrestled, I was extremely fond of a particular escape roll taught to me under the name of the "elevator roll". I recorded far more escapes with it than reversals I always used it as a secondary move off of a primary stand up.

    I was a 189, 197, and heavyweight wrestler and used it on everyone I wrestled. When I set it up correctly, it couldn't be stopped, and only once did I ever get cuaght be someone who knew it was coming. That situation was simply me being lazy with my follow through. My brother was a lighter weight, topping out at 149 and he had a great deal of success with it as well.

    Basically, it is a similar technique to an Ankle Switch, only you utilize your leg to elevate the opponents leg combined with wrist control. I hit it from referee's position, from flat on the mat, and from standing control.

    The key is to utilize rolls as a secondary technique. Nothing beats a good standup which is the highest percentage technique. if your main tactic is a roll, it is very easy for your opponent to figure out and counter setting you up for back points.

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    Default Re: Roll Escapes

    I believe I wasted a lot of time and effort on "exotic" escapes as a wrestler.

    Now as a coach, I teach - stand up, stand up, stand up.

    Just my opinion.

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