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Choose Top Leg Camp is the best place to learn how to throw legs and to learn how to defend a leg rider. The wrestlers who follow my system become very dangerous on top. Understanding this system is important even for wrestlers who don’t throw legs so that they are better equipped to defend themselves against it. You will learn 4 good positions, over 15 scoring moves and transitions between them, and over 15 ways to defend legs. The last two years have been a successful for former Choose Toppers… 14 state champs and at least twice that many state placers.

At the Choose Top Leg Camp throwing legs is taught as a series of moves and positions. Most wrestlers learn leg moves at different times and pick up a few things on their own. This camp will show wrestlers how many of these moves work together and how to use one move to setup another.

The technique is presented with a position-based philosophy rather then a scoring-based philosophy. You will learn to throw legs with the mentality to constantly improve good position rather then becoming impatient and giving up position. Learning to constantly improve position rather then just stay in good position will enable you to score without putting yourself in danger.

Here are the basics…
I teach 3 sessions that are 2 hours a piece.
I charge $70 per wrestler.
The host gets a special rate, you have three choices.
1) discount per wrestler that attends the host school
2) flat rate for the first 15 wrestlers
3) flat rate for unlimited wrestlers

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