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Discuss im an amputee need help at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; hi i just started wrestling 3 days ago for my high scool i do mma ...
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    Women im an amputee need help

    hi i just started wrestling 3 days ago for my high scool i do mma vahda kempo but now im wrestling for my high scholl with out my artificial leg im basically in a 3 point stance as what im told and i have to go for the single leg takedown but sinc ei do mma and grapple alot when i ahev someone in position i have a terrible habit of going on my back wrestling 130-135 class any tips inm workign on stregth now as im nto in the best shape yet

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    Default Re: im an amputee need help

    All I can say is stick with it. My old high school had a kid in the same situation was a 2x state champ and won senior nationals in folk. Hopefully you have a good coach who works on your strengths. Good Luck and keep us informed on the season.

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    Default Re: im an amputee need help

    I'll echo what Ugly says. Stick with it. I know of more than a few guys that were amputees who were extreemely successful in this sport. One in particular that I remember from Cadet Freestyle Nationals in '89. If I remember right he either made all-american or got really close.

    Just keep in mind that you'll probably have to make alterations to many of the techinques to taylor them to your unique abilities. In neutral you're probably best working on low singles to the ankle, where you can elevate through the middle, or switch to a double if you can create an angle. Lots of guys will probably try to work front headlocks to go behinds on you and things off of underhooks, so work your your defense and offensive counter moves from those positions. There's a whole series of Kelly Rolls for if and when you get stuck under a guy and he's got an underhook.

    Both of these could probably be modified to work to your advantage after a shot that is countered.

    As for the habit in MMA of going to your back......that's just something you'll have to re-train yourself not to do. It's only been three days, so I wouldn't worry about it. It'll come.

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    Default Re: im an amputee need help

    I can't offer any specific advice on technique, but perhaps a bit of inspiration in the name of two wrestlers who achieved great things on the mat:
    > Kyle Maynard, the kid from Georgia
    > Nick Ackerman, double-leg amputee from Iowa who won an NCAA Div III title and co-winner of the Dan Hodge Award in 2001 (with Cael)

    Best wishes,

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    Default Re: im an amputee need help

    I've seen video of Kyle Maynard and watched Nick wrestle at the NCAA championships when he won his title. One thing they both have in common is tremendous upper body strength - Kyle Maynard is almost unbelievable.

    Nick's arms were generally longer than those of his opponents and he developed a wicked cradle. He won a lot of matches by scoring back points or pinning. He now works as a prosthetist for American Prosthetics in Davenport, IA and has helped other young amputee wrestlers.

    Dan Klavitter finished second in the Iowa high school championships and wrestled for a couple of years at Luther College.

    Just last week he was awarded the Iowa Wrestling Coaches Association Medal of Courage. Here's an article.

    Set your goals and just keep working. Best of luck!

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    Default Re: im an amputee need help

    First of all, I'd advise you to try lots of different takedown techniques and focus on the ones that seems to fit your style and abilities.

    I think the front headlock series would suit well. This would allow you to put your weight on your oppenent and use him for balance. You could work the cement mixer and cradle from here.

    Also, look up the crackdown finish for your takedowns. You may feel more comfortable with this, since it's down on the mat. Your grappling might help here also.

    It sounds like you are a recent amputee?
    How good is your balance on one leg?

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