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Discuss Tripod Stand up at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Lately I've been watching a lot of college wrestling I've seen guys like Matt McDonough ...
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    Default Tripod Stand up

    Lately I've been watching a lot of college wrestling I've seen guys like Matt McDonough and Mike Evans (only seen one match of his) but they hit a tripod stand up.

    I've usually seen heavier guys doing this, do guys like McDonough use the tripod stand up because of their length? I have a hard time exploding out on the whistle, I get caught up a lot with stepping in a "v" like position with my knee and chest coming close. Is the tripod stand up a viable option for taller guys?

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    Default Re: Tripod Stand up

    It's a viable option for all guys. Ben Askren has a DVD and he shows a lot of tripod stuff. Keep your weight off your hands and really all you need to do is be able to recognize pressure and hit a knee dip/kneeslide.
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