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    Okay so i am pretty good at defending just about all pinning combinations with the fact that im pretty good at knowing what they doing as/before they try and my flexability, but the one thing that always works on me is cradles, so does anyone have any tips or tricks to either getting out of a cradle after it is locked up or anything along those lines? i know the basics but if you want to go through it again then go for it and thanks.

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    i love this b/c i was one of the flexible kids that everyone could put into a cradle but i got so good at defending them that everyone stopped. okay i'll start with a basic defense for both a near and a far side/crossface cradle.

    far side cradle/ crossface cradle - okay so it gets locked up, once the top wrestlers gets his hands locked he'll usually jump sides so he is not across the body of the person being cradled. first thing is being able to get your arm closest to your opponent between your body and his. say your opponent breaks you flat and cross faces you with his left arm putting your head down and than puts their right arm under your right leg than locking hands. once the hands are locked (considering that he didn't grab your elbow and trap it) your right arm will go between your body and his. after getting your arm wedged between your opponent and yourself, swim it forward like a freestyle stroke in swimming. when you swim it forward, you want to plant the swimming hand to the mat over your opponent, with your other hand you want to try and grab the head and lift it.

    near side cradle - this is a bit more difficult, especially b/c you'll wind up in a scramble if the wrestler is not a fish. your opponent places his head in your side and grabs your right leg with his left arm and your head with is right arm. crunching your head and leg he locks his hands he will try to run you over. while your opponent is doing this you need to place your left hand firmly on the mat as well as your left foot (bent not straight legged). once placed firmly your opponent will try harder to run you over. you will than sit your right hip down hard and perform a back stroke with your right arm planting the hand to the mat and keeping your head up high. you will no wind up on your butt with your opponent over your right leg. scramble away and good luck.

    hope this helps you

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    Wow, crazy in depth answer, i love it, i just wish i would have seen this earlier. I got caught in a cradle today, but i will be using it next week for regionals, definatly.

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    This is obvious, but I will repeat it anyway. The best defense against a cradle is to not get in it in the first place. Keep the knee away from the head.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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