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    Sometimes when i wrestle guys worse than me i wrestle down to their level and have the match be coser than it should be. How do i prevent this so i can wrestle at my level all the time?

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    Well, my nephew does that right now. He even told me that he may "play" with his semifinal opponet last week. My nephew blew his acl last year. So I informed him to get off the mat as quick as possible to avoid injury. The look in his eyes was good. He actually said he never thought of it that way.

    So, I suggest that you look at every opponet as possibly your last. And I don't think you will have a problem pinning those that you should, if you think of it that way. No one wants to blow a knee while taking someone down and letting them up, just to look good. And trust me, the guys who aren't as good as you would rather you pinned them instead of that too. So go out there and think of it as possibly your last match.

    And I didn't mean to sound all "doom and gloom". It's just a way I used to get up for every match.

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