I'm currently a College Freshman and I wasn't sure whether to post this in the College wrestling section or the High School/ recruiting section.

Anyway, I'm looking for schools to wrestle at in College. I only started wrestling sophomore year, and although I didn't have the credentials to make myself a standout, I still had a serious passion for the sport, in addition to being a tirelessly hard worker. My high school career ended at the 2011 AAU Junior Olympic Games where I was invited to wrestle for Team Michigan.

Background aside, I am wondering what I should do as far as schools go. I've filled out just about a dozen recruiting questionnaires to Division 1 Schools and haven't heard anything, other than the University of Edinboro which didn't follow up. I've been given an opportunity to walk on at Alma College, a Division III school in Michigan, however I really, really want to wrestle Division 1, preferably at Central Michigan University. I was wondering if anybody had any tips for the recruiting process or how to walk-on to Division I teams.

I want to be an Olympic champion in Freestyle and a Division I All-American. I figure that Division I wrestling is going to do a great deal to prepare me for international competition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!