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Thread: When is your State's state tournament?

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    Default When is your State's state tournament?

    So... Where is it? When is it? What site covers it best?

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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?


    Four divisional (by size) tournaments this weekend. Top four go to:

    State Open (State Championship) tournament next weekend. Qualifiers go to:

    New England tournament March 6 and 7.

    The best website for discussion is:

    . . . but there's a lot of high school smack talk mixed in with the intelligent discussions.

    Official state organization website for results is:
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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?

    Illinois state tournament this weekend! will have lots of people posting updates and discussing everything.

    There's a DVD being sold on the front page.

    The tournament is held at Assembly Hall at the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana.

    It's gonna be a great tournament!

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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?

    Ohio State Tournament @ Jerome Shottenstien Center- Ohio State Univeristy

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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?

    North Carolina

    Dual Team States was Feb 3-7, brackets & info at NC Mat

    Individual States this weekend, Feb 20-21, coverage at NC Mat.

    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?

    Iowa runs tomorrow 2/18 thru Saturday 2/21. The predicament covers it pretty well.

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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?

    Washington State
    4A (large schools), 3A, 2A, A, 1B/2B, and Girls tournaments will be this Friday and Saturday 2/20 and 2/21. We have two wrestlers in the tournament a male at 215 in the 1B/2B bracket and a female at 285 in the Girls only tournament.

    Best website for discussion and for news/results

    Key weight classes to watch 1B/2B 145 Republic has a sophomore that bumped from 130 to 145 in order to help his team win a state title. Scott Bacon is the regional champ but will probably again face Ty Knebel in the finals. Ty's brother Tory a frosh is at 160 and is making some waves. 2A 189 Reid Chivers is looking for his third state title at that weight and his fourth placing. 1A 285 Ben Fuson of Lakeside will be looking for revenge after giving up a last second takedown in the state finals match costing not only himself a state title but also his team 3 state records (most state champions, most team points, largest margin of victory). Fuson was looking very tough but began to celebrate with about 5 seconds remaining and his opponent saw the opportunity, shot a blast double and scored as time ran out.

    Also keep an eye out for Daniel Swain at 135 (1A, he was upset last year int he semi's), 4A 152 George King from Lake Stevens and Sam Villegas from Moses Lake. In the Girls tournament Alisha Beach from Kelso at 285 is going for her third state title, last year she pinned her way through the tournament and she picked up a national title this summer in fargo as well. She could be the first female four timer.

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    Default Re: When is your State's state tournament?

    New Jersey team tournament concluded last weekend crowning 6 champs, 4 public school titles and 2 private, all based on school size. The individual tournament starts this Friday night crowning district titles on Saturday. The regional tourney is the following weekend narrowing the field to 24 wrestlers per weight class. The Super Region is on the following Tuesday trimming to 16 per weight class and the battle for the titles pickup in Atlantic City on Friday March 6th.

    Coverage is pretty weak. The forum will have sporadic results. Generally you have to wait until the following morning to get full news.

    For years we had TV coverage of the finals, but the NJSIAA which operates the tournament got greedy and now demands a fee for the right to air and no station is willing to ante up the cash.
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    Kansas has 4 state tourneys. It's ridiculous, I know, but that's how it goes sometimes. All 4 are 3/27-3/28.

    321A: Busch Gross Coliseum, Hays
    4A: Bicentenial Center, Salina
    5A and 6A: Kansas Coliseum, Wichita

    There are a couple of pretty good sites that stay updated. My personal favorite is probably Another good one is
    Curtis Chenoweth
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