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Thread: Freshman Year: Good or bad?

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    So I started out wrestling last year in 8th grade.
    And my record was horrible, it was 2-8
    but I came out 3rd in County's as a # 5 seed.
    Then I joined a wrestling club.
    And improved a Whole bunch.
    Well I started off the preseason 9-7 .
    I should have won 2 more but I really didn't remember the basics and I wasn't as conditioned as I am right now.
    So I could smash at least 5 of those guys that beat me.
    But I made some people upset when I beat them the second time around.
    Went 3rd in County
    Then I went into the conference tournament 4-2(they added the 2 losses for seeding purposes so 4-0).
    And there I went 1-2 At and got an upset by a guy I beat before.
    Then I qualified for Regionals And went 1-2 again. Because I lost to a guy i should have won
    So all in all I was 14-10 Freshman year.
    8th grade : 2-8 103 3rd in County
    9th Grade : 14-10 112 3rd in County

    So do you think I can qualify next year.

    Oh and My weight class is 112.
    I don't know if I want to drop to 103 or else I would've have dominated it.
    But I wanted a challenge.

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    The season is what you make it. If you think it was good it was good.
    Not bad in my opinion. I say go 103 if your not really a 112. But if you have to do extreme cutting for 103 stick to what's natural. Let your body grow in the off-season and see what happens.
    Good luck man!

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    I can pretty much guarentee you that you wont be able to make 103 next year if you are going into 10th grade, you are a growing boy and will get a lot bigger in the next couple of years. I would wrestle wherever feels natural to you.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Freshman Year: Good or bad?

    Yeah, everyone's been telling me that.
    But I just want to make it 103 next year.
    And go natural Junior and Senior year hopefully staying @ 112

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