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Discuss Question on Top control at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Whenever I'm on top I just scored a takedown and the guy flattened out I ...
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    Whenever I'm on top I just scored a takedown and the guy flattened out I get on top and he's down. How do I keep him down long enough to start working my moves? It's fustrating because whenever i'm on top he keeps working to his base and I have to use even more energy to break him down again only for him to get back on his base. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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    When you break him down make sure he is carrying all your weight. You want to push your hips into his if you can while working a move or simply just let him carry all your weight. You always want to be off your knees and on your toes.

    I can't stress this enough, let him carry ALL your weight.
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    Prodigy pretty much summed it up. But make sure if your going out to the side for head levers or to work an arm bar or half make sure you keep the pressure on him. As said above never be on your knees always put constant pressure and don't waste time on top. Go for what you see.Also remember if your doing a gable when you come out to the side to pull the arm over pressure him with all your weight on your left or right shoulder. I just mention that because I see alot of kids back up with a base while the other kid has a gable.

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