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Discuss Minimum weight/body fat calculations at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Here is what my state's website says on minimum weight: "The lowest weight class at ...
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    Default Minimum weight/body fat calculations

    Here is what my state's website says on minimum weight:

    "The lowest weight class at which a wrestler may compete will be determined by predicted body weight at 7% body fat (males) and 12 % body fat (females) as follows. A 2% variance will be applied to each students Minimum Wrestling Weight as calculated by the NWCA system"

    So does the 2% variance mean that my minimum body fat would technically 5%? Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Minimum weight/body fat calculations

    No that means that if your lowest body weight at 7% is 108 pounds you could wrestle 2% lower and still make 106 if you chose to. At least that is what it meant a couple of years ago in Washington with very similar language and numbers.
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