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    What are the best go to top moves for tall, lanky guys?

    I'm going to wrestle 138 and I'm about 6'
    Lately I've been drilling ankle picks and low singles with different set ups a lot, and I feel really comfortable on my feet. I've beat a few all state kids using those take downs, but I feel I don't have anything on top. I like using a turk from takedowns. Its usually there from a low single dump finish or a double leg.

    I've tried legs. Good way to score points, but often I find myself getting out of position and getting too high. What are some good go to top moves and breakdowns for a tall lanky wrestler, or something that chains well with ankle picks or low singles?

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    well i am also 138 and 5'11.
    personally i like turks and throwing legs off of the spiral.
    along the lines of breakdowns i like to do a spiral but instead of just chopping the arm i throw the half so its like a multi attack.
    for top moves, other than throwing legs i have seen ppl like my size pulling good crossface series (usually the crucifix). but i also like the fortified cross wrist or whatever because u have a million options off it along with some slick tilts. plus being lankier if u pull cross wrists then u can get the ball and chain a little easier with your reach.

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    I'd reccomend Cradles. Get the fall.
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    BTW Cael as we all know was phenomenal with ankle picks but he pinned the majority of his guys with cradles so yes they work well together.
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    WHich type of cradles are better, inside or outside? Or are they both good and I should spend time focusing on both styles of cradles?

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    Both really good, but you'll get more outside(crossface) than inside. Be ready from anywhere if you ever see that head near the knee.
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    When I was coaching in Washington there were a couple of teams that seemed to drill NOTHING but cradles and they could hit it anywhere. They also pinned a lot of people. I'd recommend practicing putting on cradles from multiple different positions. There are TONS of different setups and on top of all those all you really need (as Vais said) is your opponent's head to be near his knee. If you can get good at both the inside and outside cradle then you'll pin a lot of people.
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    So, I should work on the cradle ride? A crossface cradle, suicide cradle, and a inside cradle, maybe a front headlock to a cradle? Or just learn as many cradle set ups/finishes as possible?

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