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Thread: Cradle setups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    A little trick if he's not stepping up. Push on the ankle so that the outside of his foot is on the mat. This puts stress on the knee and makes him want to put that knee up. Ask if you don't know what I mean.
    Nice i like that. I'll have to try that at open mats on saturday. Thanks Vais!

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    I'm speaking PURELY from the standpoint of an Iowa homer, but one of the best, if not the best, high school cradlers to come out of Iowa was Mack Reiter.

    If I recall, he was also a pretty decent cradler at Minnesota too.

    I remember seeing this a while ago, and I've found it.

    Mack Reiter and the unstoppable craddle - YouTube
    UNI Panthers...Because it's just right.

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