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    How much weight do you generally want to cut for High School wrestling? Should it be more than 4 - 6lbs? I've read that at the start of the season you should be within 10 - 15lbs, but the I seen people cut 20lbs and still wrestle good. So, I'm a little lost when it comes to weight cutting because I'd like to be the best I can next year and if that means cutting ten pounds or however I'll do it. But I just don't know where to start.

    Thanks in advance

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    It all depends upon your body type. I had two wrestlers come in last year that literally couldn't cut a pound. They actually had to get a doctor's release to wrestle because of their low body fat percentage. I had another that went from 195 down to about 168 (to wrestle 171) and he was cleared to make it down to 160--which he should have if he would have taken weight seriously from the start of the year. It also makes a difference what you weigh now. Dropping from 235 or 240 down to 225 is a lot different than dropping from 116 or 121 down to 106.
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    I weigh about 143 - 145, but I'd like to go 138 next year and I'm about 5' 11". I was told I should gain another 7 or 8 pounds and cut to 138, but I don't want to gain 7 or 8 pounds if fat to lose once the season starts or dehydrate.

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    Gaining fat now to lose it later seems foolish I agree. I think that if you weigh 144 now cutting 6 pounds to 138 wouldn't be that difficult, unless you are currently 6% body fat.
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    What's your diet like. Be honest.
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    I don't think I'm at 6% I'm probably right around 9 - 10% which should be enough to cut down to 138 with out having to dehydrate very much, if at all. So, if I just keep maintaining my weight I should be okay for the season and just cut from 144 to 138?

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    My diet isn't the best, wouldn't call it the worst either. But it's something like:

    2 Egg Whites and English Muffin
    Pancakes and Egg Whites

    Turkey or Ham Sandwich
    Handful of Chips
    Mac and Cheese

    String Cheese

    Big variety here. My dad likes to cook. Steak, salmon, pork chops, etc for meat, vegetables every night, rice once or twice a week, etc.

    I drink a lot of water, but still have 3 - 4 sodas a week. And I won't lie and say I don't eat junk food, because I eat it a few times a week for a snack or just when I'm out with friends.

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    If you get into a decent workout regimen (lifting, running, wrestling) between August and the season and do it at least five days a week, alongside cutting out the majority of junk food and sodas, you should be able to drop at least two or three of those pounds naturally without even having to cut. You'd be around 141/142 or so then naturally, and probably a few pounds below that after you finish a practice. As such, I wouldn't think you'd really have to dehydrate more than a pound or so if you just commit yourself to a good diet (not that yours is currently bad, but cutting out the junk food/sodas) and commit yourself to a workout routine.

    This is assuming that your body fat % is where you estimated it, at about 9-10% right now. If you're at 7-6% or something around that right now, you probably won't be able to naturally lose those two or three pounds I said you could.
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    Alright, thanks for all the help everyone

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