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    I have trouble with hand control. It seems really simple, just reach down and grab across the top knuckles and come up, but it seems like when I go to get hand control on bottom they always grab my wrist and we end up playing hand games forever. Is there anyway to avoid this? Or do you just have to hand fight it out and then as soon as you get control come up or maybe I'm missing something?

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    When I'm in this situation I usually hand fight while standing up. That usually worked for me, but I'm not sure if it works for everyone.

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    What bottom move are you hitting? Is this from a ref. start, or are you already broken down?
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    I just go inside stand up most of the time. Short sit once in a while if I can't get to my feet. Usually from ref start. I wait until i build my base up to get hand control when I'm broken down.

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    Make sure that, once you get wrist control, you seal off your elbows so that they can't come back inside. By seal off elbows, I mean keep them close into you, so that there is no gap where they can reach through and get wrist control again.

    If they try and come over the top to get your wrists, then you can just use their reach to sit out-turn in (or gazzoni, as some call it).
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