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Thread: I'm having a few issues here...

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    Electric!! I'm having a few issues here...

    I'm just finishing my Junior year and I finished my 3rd year wrestling. I've been a heavyweight all 3 years and Varsity the past 2. My freshman year I had a coach that I really liked, though he wasn't the best. My sophomore year I had 2 really good coaches that I liked and helped me get a lot better. This past year, my team got 2 brand new coaches that nobody on the team liked and did absolutely nothing for us bigger guys (189-HWT). I ended up teaching 3 people how to wrestle (they had zero experience) and basically being their coach. I'm seriously debating not going back to wrestling next season due to the experience of this past season.

    The main event that ruined our team this year was the coach being too violent. Our wrestling room has two short walls near the doors for safety reasons and the coach threw one of our freshman over the wall. This coach has basically been a nightmare for the team and actually pushed people so hard that our team went from 40 people at the beginning of the year to 16 after CIF masters.

    Basically what I'm saying is, every year we get new coaches, except for next year and I don't want to end up coaching again my senior year. As of right now, I'm not going back but I love wrestling. It's helped me through so much and done so much for me. I don't want to leave it just because of 1 person but I'm afraid I won't get to enjoy my last high school season.

    Does anybody, please, anybody have any advice?

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    Don't quit.

    Wrestlers never quit.

    U might gas one match & get yer @$$ beat but you go back & make sure it never happens again.

    This is training for life. Life is not going to be fair. You can have it all figured out & then it will throw you a curve ball. Your wife leaves u & takes your money. One of your parents or kids gets sick or dies unexpectedly. Or maybe you have a dream job & they say move to New Mexico or get fired after working there for 30 years. Whatever, life just isn't perfect. But when you have a dream, you freaking stick to it & you do not listen to other people how it cannot be done.

    that is my pair of Lincolns...
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    Think of it like this dude, you quit now, a few years down the road you get a boss you really like, he moves up the ladder after a year and you get another boss, even better than your first one and teaches you a lot. The next year he gets caught in a scandal (to make it interesting LOL) so you get a new boss. YOU HATE YOUR NEW BOSS because he yells at everyone, throws pens and phones at people...just a terrible boss, you gonna be able to quit your job? risk not being able to find another one to support yourself or your family? What I'm saying is the old saying is true, quitting is easy, if you quit this, you'll be a quitter and more likely to quit other things. Since you love the sport you'll miss it and regret your decision. Wrestling is the one thing I can say prepared me for college, work, and LIFE in general. Don't quit man, that's my advice. I miss wrestling every day. Check this site, Flo, my home states site even the local site and my high school teams facebook because I miss it.

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    I didn't wrestle my senior year of High School because my coach was a major a**hole, and I've regretted it my whole adult life. You have an option that I didn't have in 1991, club wrestling. Find a club to supplement what your not getting in the school room. Help your team mates and be a leader. If this jack wagon wants to abuse one of your team mates, schedule a meeting with the AD and as a team, file a complaint. that will stop his crap.

    I'm 38 now, and i'm still wrestling and coaching. Don't be like me and wonder "what if" the next 20 years of your life.

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    Go into the next season with a fresh mindset. If problems arise address them with the coach, in private.

    Since you're clearly a leader the coach should respect you enough that you could go to him with concerns. He may not realize he's being an idiot.(though he should)
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    Excellent advice from everyone and I agree completely. One other thing you may consider is joing a wrestling club if one exists in your area. This is IN ADDITION to being on your high school team, NOT instead of. This will expose you to some different coaching and may give you a better opportunity to improve. If you suck it up and stick with it your senior year, you keep the door opened for college or prep school wrestling, or freestyle after high school.
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    If you love the sport also consider learning all you can, you never know if you'll get into coaching. Then you can be the kind of coach you wish you had.
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