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Thread: Questions about figure fours and scissors

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    Default Questions about figure fours and scissors

    What is illegal and what is legal with figure fours and scissors? ( around the legs, head, and body ) And what is the difference between figure fours and scissors?

    I have long legs so I am tempted to use these moves.
    And is this move illegal or legal?
    YouTube - Deadly Weapons II Chickenwing

    I want to practice that, but it looks like a choke to me; especially if you squeeze your legs hard. Is it worth learning?


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    Default Re: Questions about figure fours and scissors

    A figure four around the body is illegal, although body scissors are not - unless a ref sees it as potentially dangerous.

    A figure four around the head is now illegal, for the 2011 season, and on. It was one of the major changes along with the weight classes this year.

    I'm assuming when you say a figure four around the leg you mean a leg ride figure four'd around for keeping your leg in - which is legal.

    The difference between scissors and figure four is where the lock is at. A figure four around the head was legal last year, IF, and only IF, your ankle was locked in your knee joint as the guy in the Chicken Wing Figure Four describes. A scissor is when you lock at your ankles or mid calf, etc.

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