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    I had surgery on my shoulder in February, now im healed enough that i can do things that dont involve my shoulder, but nothing with my shoulder obviously. So no live wrestling, or basically any mat work that i can think of. Anyways, are there any solo drills I could do that dosnt involve my shoulder? Maybe drills to help with my speed in my stance or something? Just dont wanna waste this time when i could be improving on something. Any help is appreciated

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    Stance and motion drills
    Level Change drills
    Penetrations drills

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    If you have trees in your yard, put a rope between them at about thigh height and duck walk underneath it. One armed pushups. Deep knee squats. Situps. Put your back on the wall and lower yourself until your legs are at a 90 degree angle (stance drill like said above). Stand in that position during commericials of a tv show. Have a buddy be a "dummy" and learn footsweeps.......many things you can do. Not doing anything is the only way to not get better.

    Good luck and I hope your shoulder gets better!

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    Thanks that all sounds about right. And with stance and motion drills, any specific drills or just walk around in my stance? I have wrestling as a class so im in the matroom for hour and a half every day, trying to think of specific things i can do to kill time and get better. Oh and the footsweeps are there any good videos i could look up?
    Again thanks for all the help guys, really appreciate it

    Edit: Oh and for penetrations, I cant do them full speed or fast at all really cuz it can jar my shoulder. But doing them slow will still help build muscle memory and strength correct?

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