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    Is the low single a good move? Its taking me a while to get it down, the assistant coach at my high school is pro at it and told me he thinks I'd be good with it and ankle picks because of how tall I am, but my head coach said it wasn't very effective besides for people like John Smith, Part Smith and Jordan Oliver and told me he'd rather see me work other things, I'm a little torn on what coach to listen to. I really like the low single and practice it a lot along with other shots and set ups, etc, but what are your guys opinions?
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    I think the low single has proven itself to be a very effective move on the national and international level. I don't see why your head coach doesn't like it but it is a great move. If you have some pocket money then I would suggest getting "How Low Can You Go 2" by John Smith. It teaches great position, finishes, setups, and counters to the low single, alongside providing drills.

    It's normally done without tying up first, but there are setups you can use to get to the ankle from contact. Many college wrestlers are very effective with these low shots - watch some film of Cam Simaz or David Taylor if you get the time.

    It's hard to make your entire arsenal consist of nothing but a low single, so I would take your coach's advice and work some other things as well. But I don't think it can be doubted that the low single is a very effective move.
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    Your head coach limiting the move to three guys from Oklahoma State is hilarious... Where do you think they started? They weren't always "John Smith"... Never let someone limit your technique...

    Did he have other suggestions at least?

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    Yeah, he told me he would rather see me work just a single and down with a few different set ups and told me I could still work on ankle picks, but put a big emphasis on how the low single only worked for a certain few people, like JO, JS, PS, etc lol. But I'm probably going to keep working with it, because when I do it right, I can usually dump to the side out come out the back for a fairly easy two.

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    I'd be interested to hear why he thinks it only works for certain people and why only they can do it?

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    He's not very open minded. He was a 3x state champ and wrestled for UVU. It seems like he only likes his own moves, occasionally he gives the assistant coach a plug. I'm not sure what he's doing. Most of our team with pretty young, not a lot of experienced wrestlers, so I'm not sure if he's trying to teach a style or what, but I feel it limits the potential of the team

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