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Thread: Please help with double legs

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    Default Please help with double legs

    It seems as if I can never set up well for double legs. I am usually slightly taller than my opponents but even if the same height they are always in low good stances where its hard to pop them up. I try to push up their elbows from an underhook collar tie and shoot but it seems as if they dont even budge. How do I open them up is the question.

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    I am no expert, but because no one has responded yet, i'll try to give you some advice.
    Try different setups because popping them up isn't the only setup for a double leg takedown. Also remember to keep on circling the opponent by pushing him and pulling him because that helps open up opportunities to shoot.
    Also, you don't just have to do a double leg. You can try to set up for a single or a high crotch. If you are better at those, then use those instead of double legs. Just make sure you know how to do double legs though.

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    If you shoot your double legs with your right leg try this: come out leading your right leg take your left hand and club his head. That will usually make him reach with his right arm.Then pull down on the back of his head with your right arm while taking two or three steps back while lowering your level still leading your right leg. Then as your taking your last step back post up the arm he is reaching with and shoot your double. The last step back should be like a bounce step you should step back plant your foot and immediatley as your foot touches shoot. I usually use this set up for high crotches but it should work for doubles to.

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    When I shoot my doubles, I usually shoot from outside. Fake them a few times, change your levels repeatedly, usually they will change their levels and catch them in between their level change. Head up, just below the chest and try to pick them up will driving straight forward.

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    I agree with all of these ideas. It's all in the set up. I used to like faking the double leg HARD, if he sprawled, I would re-shoot went he was getting back up. Doesn't alway work, but it doesn't put you in a bad situation either. You could also go to youtube and look up Jordan Burroughs. Dude is the expert on the double leg.

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    Beat the crap out of your opponent's head. Guys get sick of it and stand up, which gives you the opening you need.

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