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Thread: 2011 NHSCA Nationals

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    I've been looking around and can't really find any info. on this years tournaments. I would really like to see the registration and the seeds if anyone can find a link to it. My little brother is wrestling in the Freshman tournament so it'd be really great to see the seeds and brackets for his. Greatly appreciate any help!
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    This has a lot of information, but I have yet to find any brackets for any of the age groups...

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    thanks burnsie, good info.

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    Just move your eyeballs up about an inch or two to the sub-forum titled "Breaking HS News" on the High School wrestling forum. Redmann has a few posts regarding the Nationals.

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    Thank you sir!

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    Freshman Brackets & Live Results are up as of right now......once the others are, I'll update those links. Good luck!




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    Thanks Redmann!!!

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