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Thread: Bottom moves?

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    any real good moves on bottom? the moves i like the best are stand up and switch. i cant hit any others too well

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    my main escape is a sit out with a hip heist, works well, just sit out, get hand control, push into them and hip heist through.

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    Peterson! If you don't know it, look it up. It doesn't seem like anyone in HS does it anymore (at least in Ohio) so it may suprise a lot of people. It's a quick 5 points if done right.

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    oh i forgot about petersons, i hit them well too i cant believe i forgot them. but Laynerz i dont like sitouts i dont know why. ill rather do shrugs

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    i'm a fan of the Peterson Roll, I love the Rock and Roll version. Takes a little getting use to but the Rock and Roll version is very safe once you get the position right b/c you are pretty much in a single leg finishing position.

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    The switch, standup, and peterson sounds good enough. If you master them, then those should be all you need from bottom. But practice the sitout if you don't like it because once you get better, it might be your favorite move.

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