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    Hey. In one of my last matches, first of the Region tournament, I lost. The kid went on to take 5th in State. I did fairly bad against him.

    A few of the things I noticed where:
    He controlled the ties.
    I shot with my head down.
    Didn't defend against his shots very well.
    I rode legs badly.
    I was tired in the third and practically just gave up the takedown and a pin.

    Those were some of the main things I noticed, but what else did I do wrong?

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    Little to no movement on bottom, especially in the third period. At the start of the second period, you are down by 2 points, and yet you are still backing up and letting him be the aggressor. Basically, you need to be more aggressive and work more in neutral.

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    Right off the bat, I notice that when you shot your double at the beginning, you got trapped underneath and kept trying to fight through his hips. That way, you're only wasting energy, and with your head to the inside like that, you aren't going to be able to take him down. Instead, what you should do is, when you have a double and your head's to the inside, and you get trapped underneath him, scoot your knees forward and pop your head out between his legs. Then, rise up with him draped over your back. We call it "coming out the back door". Basically, it's what he does at around 4:30. You should end up in a situation like this one:

    Next, I notice that at 2:04, when he gets the single, your whizzer is too shallow. Sink the whizzer in and jam him down, using your hip/shoulder pressure. At the same time, push down on his head with your other hand, and force your leg back down to the mat. This should clear the leg. Also, when he lets go of the leg and comes up to the seatbelt, you give up too easily. You still have that whizzer in, and you had a perfect opportunity to circle around and square up, while pressuring that whizzer, putting you back on your feet. You end up not giving up the takedown, which is good, but you could have avoided that situation altogether.

    In general, be more aggressive on your feet. You had a good slide-by, but that was about it. You need to be active in the ties; here, it seemed like you were hanging in ties and not creating any action. Bang on his head, clear his arms, control the inside - and most importantly, you have to MOVE YOUR FEET. In this match, you seemed a bit sleepy. You need to create motion and move him around. One thing I noticed is that, when you get a collar tie, don't hang there. You have to work to move him around. Push smart and pull him. You'd be amazed how much you can wear on a guy by snapping down on his head constantly. What you should take from this is that, in neutral, remember that the goal is to always be working to score, not to hang around. Move him and create action. Watch some high level college matches and look at how they hand fight - you could learn some good stuff.

    You said that you didn't defend against his shots very well. This is true - however, every single shot that he took I think could have been defended without him even touching your legs. You just need to stay up on your toes and moving. Be ready and anticipate his shot. Be prepared to downblock/sprawl and then work from your short offense.

    The gap between you and him really isn't that big - you just have some stuff you need to work on. Fortunately, we're now in the offseason, so we have all the time we need to correct our weaknesses. Good luck.
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    Move your feet more. Also, I don't like the over-collar you were using. There's not much you can work from there, and you'd be better served just using elbow control. You need to get a bit more urgency when a guy gets on your leg.

    SAT's hit on a lot of the major points. A little more aggression/edge about you would help too. I agree that you are not far off from that guy. How long have you been wrestling again?
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    This was my first year. My coach made me drop from 135 to 125 for the last two weeks because our 125 got hurt, so that would explain some of why I was practically just hanging out and sleeping on the guy.

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    I thought I remember you telling me it was your first year. I'm very impressed. Keep being self-evaluative and working hard and you could be an all state guy yourself.

    That stinks you had to suck that weight, and that does explain some of the fatigue.
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    Thanks everyone for critiquing. My dad signed me up for a Folkstyle/Freestyle tournament this weekend. I finished 3rd in Freestyle and first in Folk style for my brackets. I worked on my footwork and keeping my head up when I shot and shot more. I tech'd all 3 kids I wrestled in Folk, and won one freestyle match.

    Thanks for all the help, its helped me improve and become a better wrestler

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